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We can’t believe it's carpentry

We cant believe its carpentry

First published date June 25 2014 Amended date February 23 2016

Carpenters are renowned for creating breath taking buildings, roofs and floors, yet some talented individuals go above and beyond. Sit back and take a look at some of the most pointlessly beautiful carved objects.


An entire house

Why stop at just making the outside when you could live in a house made entirely of wood? On the other hand, cooking anything could be a massive risk.

Image via blogspot.com


Image via blogspot.com


A hand carved wooden Ferrari boat

Who wouldn’t want to be seen surfing the waves in this? Why make an ordinary boat when you could sail in a Ferrari?

Image via mikechild.co.nz


A watch

It won’t be great at keeping time but will still be one of the most eye catching accessories you could ever buy.

Image via ecouterre.com


A motorbike

We know a lot of people who own real motorbikes who simply leave it in the garage to polish every now and again. This one is ideal for that function, and doesn’t require any registration documents.


Image via blogspot.com


Sure, you were expecting to learn about cabinet making and how to use wood on construction sites, but a carpentry course could be the start of a hobby in woodwork. Have a look at the full range listed here on Hotcourses to find out more. 

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