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7 facts you probably didn't know about bricklaying

Seven facts you probably didnt know about bricklaying

First published date April 10 2015 Amended date February 03 2016

Ok, so bricklaying doesn't often come up in pub quizzes, but just in case it ever does (or if you want to impress your teacher with some obscure facts on a course), here are some facts we were able to dig up about this popular construction trade...


1. Whoopi Goldberg used to be a bricklayer

In an interview with the Telegraph she said, 'Well I needed money and I needed to work, so I figured I would rather lay bricks than men for money.' Not a reason we come across that often to go into bricklaying but each to their own...

Image via npr.org


2. There's more to bricks than you think

There are actually a number of different types of brick - each one differing in what it's best used for and what it's made of. That's before you get to colour and size differences. Using the right brick is integral to creating solid, durable structures.

Image via wikipedia.org


3. Brick Lane wasn't always the place to get the best curry in London

In the 15th century, Brick Lane was given it's name because brick manufacturers used to use the local brick earth deposits to make bricks.

Image via eastlondonlines.co.uk


4. Anyone can do it

Though most employers ask for qualifications and site experience, brick laying itself is actually an unregulated occupation, so you don't HAVE to have any qualifications to do it. You will be expected to adhere to building regulations though, as in any area of construction.

Image via kidsunlimited.co.uk


5. The Terminator owned a bricklaying business

That's right, Arnold Schwarzenegger started a bricklaying business back in the 60s with friend and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbo.

Image via comicvine.com


6. Lots of bricks

The Great Wall of China is made of 3,873,000,000 bricks. Enough said.

Image via wikipedia.org


7. Bricks can be made of your poo

Leeds University and Yorkshire Water once developed a type of brick that could be made of the ash of incinerated sewage combined with vegetable oil. Saving the planet one poo-brick at a time.

Image via ohes.co.uk


If these little gems have sparked your interest in bricklaying even more, check out the courses available now. You could be building the next Great Wall of China before you know it…


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