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9 celebrities who should have taken a beauty course

Nine celebrities who should have taken a beauty course

First published date August 22 2014 Amended date February 23 2016

Ever looked in the mirror at the end of the day and realised you’ve had lipstick on your teeth since lunch, or noticed that your fake tan was just too dark when looking at photos the next day? We’ve all had enough beauty disasters to fill a self help book, but reassuringly, we are not alone. It turns out despite the red carpet, expensive gowns and makeup teams, celebs can still make mistakes too. So embrace your beauty mistakes, learn from them and take a look at the nine celebrities who should have taken a beauty course.


1. Christina Aguilera

Pop queen Christina Aguilera is the voice behind the nineties hits Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants and Lady Marmalade, selling 50 million records worldwide. However the bleach blonde songstress has also topped our bad beauty chart for her beauty faux pas. We’re not too sold on the blonde afro and heavy eye look and think a course in how to master a more subtle look might appeal to this talented singer. 

Image via likes-media.com


2. Claudia Winkleman

Famous for her opinionated presenting style, her brown locks and heavy fringe, Claudia rocked a look she would rather forget when attending the GQ awards with smudged eyeliner and messy hair.  It seems she agreed, later tweeting ‘Oh my. They’re not wrong. Eyeliner going in the bin’. 

Image via guim.co.uk


3. Kelly Osbourne

Growing up in the public eye is never easy, especially when you are still finding a look that suits you. No one proves this more than Kelly Osbourne, who really has tried every look going. The bright pink lip and glittery smoky eye is a tough one to pull off, so we are glad to report Kelly has now moved on from this look. Since learning about makeup is all about experimentation we salute her for trying.

Image via blogspot.com


4. Katie Price

Katie Price, aka Jordan is famous for her glamour model looks, but proves in this photo that too much fake tan can easily push you into the oompa loompa category.  When getting a spray tan, we recommend you think more golden glow than Caribbean holiday.

Image via sociallitelife.com


5. Jodie Marsh

Oh Jodie where do we start with this one? Before turning to body building, Jodie was the glamour model turned TV personality who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and Totally Jodie Marsh. We are sure this over bronzed is one she would rather forget. 

Image via sociallitelife.com


6. Chantelle Houghton

Whilst on the subject of Big Brother, it seems the right time to mention model Chantelle Houghton. Another fake tan addict, it is her not so subtle false eyelashes that caught our eye in this photo, proving that sometimes those tricky accessories are just not worth it. Luckily most beauty courses will show you how to apply these.

Image via sociallitelife.com


7. Mischa Barton

Shooting to fame on the US hit show The OC, Mischa is another celebrity who has been papped for her blending mistakes. Sporting far too much blusher, the general lesson to learn is to always contour in natural light and blend well to avoid looking too red faced. 

Image via huffpost.com


8. Nicole Kidman

We are massive fans of this pale skinned beauty, but cringed with her when these photos were released. A classic case of over powdering, too much can leave your skin looking white and flakey. We recommend she has a chat with the queen of contouring - Kim Kardashian. 

Image via huffpost.com


9. Charlize Theron

Another fake tan disaster, when the stunning Miss Theron collected an Academy Award for her role in ‘Monster’ all eyes were on her amazing dress and slightly orange glow. Charlize proves that bad beauty mistakes happen to the most beautiful people, so don’t cry next time you realise you’ve forgotton to fake tan your feet. 

Image via sodahead.com


Whether you are preparing to walk down the red carpet or into the office, if these photos have left you wanting to take a beauty course you are in luck – we have plenty of full and part time options on our website to help you avoid future disasters! 

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