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8 ways to wind up an accountant

Eight ways to wind up an accountant

First published date October 30 2014 Amended date February 19 2016

We’ve all asked the accounting team a stupid question and been met with the wide eye stare of disbelief. In fact, in the few months when the Hotcourses editorial team shared a table with finance, we learnt a lot from each other. They learnt we had no idea what a credit rating was, or why starting a pension plan in your twenties was important. We learnt that YOLO is not a financial decision to live by and that overdraft money should not be part of our monthly budgets. With this in mind, when it came to writing this article, we had plenty of material to work with. Although not all of these came from us, before signing up to an accounting course, read this and be warned.


Ways to wind up an accountant:


Giving them an invoice from two years ago

Sadly there is an expiry date for these, so finding a scrunched up receipt in the back of your desk draws and trying to claim for it years later will not go down well. 


Telling them your pension plan is ‘YOLO’

Yes, it is true, there are a few of us out there who would rather buy shoes or book a holiday rather than save for the days when we are old and grey. Believe us when we say, not many accountants will share this mindset. 

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Asking if you can claim for your new jumper on expenses – it is really cold in the office, so that makes it ok right?

Expenses are a controversial subject. If you are travelling to Birmingham for a meeting, you can claim. If you are buying a jumper off asos because you sit under the air con, you cannot. 

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Trying to convince them that the massive bar bill was entertaining clients

If you are claiming a bar tab for a night out drinking, at least invite them along. 

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Telling them your payment is still in the post (they know it’s not) 

If an accountant is asking you for a payment, they will have heard every excuse under the sun. As a heads up, ‘my dog ate it’ or ‘It’s still in the post’ will not work. 

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Asking them to pay someone who isn’t on the payroll

Not everyone needs to be on the payroll right? 

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But do I have to pay all this tax?

Yes, yes you do. 

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Asking them to change your ten pound note into 20p coins on the last day of the tax year

Or in fact, asking any of the above on the last day of the tax year. We hear it is like the stress of moving house, losing your phone and missing your train rolled into one. 

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If you fancy braving seemingly obvious questions from the rest of the office and working as an accountant, taking a course could be your first step in the right direction. Alternatively, if you want to find out what the accounts team does (to avoid annoying them in the future) a course might work for you too.  

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