A jewellery making engagement

Read what happened when our designer Christian set off to create his own wedding rings

Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk there’s nothing we love more than a love story, so when we heard our web designer Christian was off to design his own wedding rings, we jumped on the chance to sit down and chat about it. Setting off to Creative Jewellery Workshop with his lovely fiancé Aileen, they spent the day learning the tricks of the trade, and left with two rings that will last a lifetime.


Robyn and I are so glad we decided to make our own wedding rings! We had a wonderful experience working with Aileen, the tutor at Creative Jewellery Workshop, to create our perfect wedding rings. Aileen was so knowledgeable and knew how to accommodate and realise exactly what we dreamed of in a design. She takes you through practice stages using copper and silver before making the actual gold rings.


We started the day with a flat piece of copper shaped to our ring size. We got to practise multiple techniques and processes to bring out the unique effects from hammering in marks, embossing type and pressing in patterns through a set of tightly fitted rollers to create the crackled effect on the rings.


Next, we created a more detailed silver ring, clarifying a lot of final details, which proved relatively successful despite the odd miss of the hammer here and there! The finale of the day was forging our gold wedding rings. With a piece cut perfectly, we hammered in our final designs and embossed our biblical engravings on the inside. After adding our patterns, we carefully put the finishing touches to the rings.


The forged ring was then set ablaze and moulded together with solder before being cooled in water then cleaned in a pickle, a container full of chemicals.When the rings were ready, we carefully filed off the solder until it disappeared and the rings were shined and polished to perfection.


Not only have we created wedding rings that are beautiful and unique to us, we have also learnt a whole world of skills over the space of a day. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to create something really special. 

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Yasmin Quadri

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