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Peter Exton – the awe-inspiring architect

By Jane McGuire 27th March 2017

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright famously said, ‘Every great architect is a great poet’. Without a doubt, there’s something special about someone who can walk onto a building site and visualise something beautiful. As I sit down to interview London based architect Peter...

Ann Gynn – the content marketing copywriter

By Jane McGuire 1st March 2017

‘Keep on writing. Your first attempt shouldn’t be your last attempt – write, edit, revise.’ It’s safe to say, it’s always a little overwhelming writing up the words of a professional writer, but after talking to Ann Gynn, I will do my best. With a wealth of experience working...

Réhahn – the travelling portraiture

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2017

If there’s ever a man who makes you want to quit your job and buy a one way plane ticket, it’s Réhahn . Born in Normandy, his passion for travel and photography has taken him on a worldwide adventure. Specialising in portrait photography, Réhahn is different in the way he...

Rob Dunlop – the wedding videographer

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2017

How do I begin to describe the beautiful work of Rob Dunlop, creative director at Pretty in White ? Breathtaking, beautiful and captivating, what Rob and his team creates is far more than your average wedding video. Telling a story, Rob describes his films as ‘no gimmicks, no...

Jay Archer – the award winning wedding florist

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2017

Every bride has her favourite flowers and every groom should know what they are. From her hand tied bouquet to the pins in the groomsmen’s jackets, floristry is a big part of every dream wedding day. One lady who knows all about this is award winning florist Jay Archer . As we...

Gary Scott – the aspiration artist

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2017

Not many of us have the guts to quit the day job and follow our dreams, but one man who did just this was Gary Scott . After trying sculpting at an adult evening class in Twickenham, Gary made the life changing decision to leave a successful career behind and go back to...

Fenella Elms – the sensational sculptor

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2017

When it comes to interviewing Fenella Elms , her amazing body of work precedes her. An award winning sculptor, her art has been featured in the likes of Elle Decoration, The Sunday Times, Vogue Living and House and Garden Magazine. Her works are undeniably beautiful; made from...

Jimmy Nelson – the legend

By Jane McGuire 24th January 2017

A man who needs no introduction, as I sat down to Skype Jimmy Nelson , his stunning, world famous photographs precedes him. ‘Before they Pass Away’, one of his most renowned collections of 35 indigenous tribes, took him three years to photograph across the world. As we talk...

Tom Albrighton – the copywriting connoisseur

By Jane McGuire 20th January 2017

As I stumble across the ABC copywriting website I am hit by one perfectly worded sentence – ‘good copywriting makes the difference between building bridges and burning them.’ With a noteworthy client list and an even more impressive founder and director, I was keen to find...

Del Wilson – the king of kettlebells

By Jane McGuire 20th January 2017

When it comes to kettlebells, Del Wilson is far more than your average gym instructor. Competing and winning kettlebell pentathlons all over the UK, Del is also a World Kettlebell Coach, after training with some of the biggest names in the sport.  As he prepares to...

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