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Our guide to human resources management

By Hotcourses Editor 14th March 2017

Imagine saying “You’re hired” for a living! Human resources – or HR as it’s often called – is about matching people to the right jobs and making sure they stay happy in those jobs. And in today’s competitive climate, where employers want the very best people around, good HR...

Our guide to counselling

By Kristina K 6th March 2017

Working as a counsellor is rewarding. You may have only started dabbling with the idea of being a counsellor, have already set your mind on taking a counselling course, or already work in situations that require some counselling skills – our comprehensive list of counselling...

Our guide to bookkeeping

By Kristina K 6th March 2017

Have you got a head for numbers? Maybe you’re considering a career in finance? Whether you’re an entry-level bookkeeper or already have some basics, building a strong foundation and improving your skills will help you secure a job. Not for the faint-hearted and suitable for...

Our guide to accounting

By Kristina K 6th March 2017

Ever dreamt of working in investment banks, Merrill Lynch or in the foreign exchange market? The money’s good and the work’s challenging, but of course, you need to build a strong foundation in accounting and finance first. Browse some of our popular accounting courses and...

Our guide to dressmaking

By Kristina K 16th November 2016

Do you struggle to find the perfect dress when you go shopping? You’ll never feel frustrated again if you learn to make your own perfect dresses and the days of settling for ones that don't quite fit right will be over. Take up a dressmaking course and you’ll instantly feel a...

Our guide to courses to help with disability

By Hotcourses Editor 26th July 2016

Working with disabled people can at times be a challenge but at the same time, it’s one of the most rewarding careers. Not only are you supporting people to lead more fulfilling and independent lives, but you give them the opportunity to feel as much a part of society as anyone...

Our guide to Communication and Media

By Hotcourses Editor 18th July 2016

When we think about media and communication the first thing that comes to mind is the entertainment sector; television, film and radio and the roles within these disciplines.   Though this is one popular branch of within the sector, it’s not the only one. Some people...

Our guide to careers advice

By Hotcourses Editor 7th July 2016

What’s your dream job? It’s a question that can leave people scratching their heads given just how many jobs and industries are out there. Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is a decision that takes great consideration and sometimes you may find that you...

Our guide to construction and property

By Hotcourses Editor 27th May 2016

Construction and property is far more than bricks and mortar. From the initial sketches, to running a building site, a lot of work goes in to the construction of the buildings all around us. With thousands of courses to choose from , finding the right one for you can seem a...

Our guide to complementary medicine

By Hotcourses Editor 19th May 2016

What is complementary medicine we hear you cry? Well, actually, it doesn’t really have a dictionary definition. Complementary and alternative medicines (sometimes referred to in the medical world as CAMs), are medicines or treatments that can be used with or alongside more...

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