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Our guide to politics

By Tom Davis 17th April 2015

Politics is ubiquitous in our world. It creates laws and forms the frameworks of how our society works. Politics can send aid or start wars, but no matter what it does, it will always exist. Whether you’re an aspiring politician, an academic, hungry for more knowledge or you...

Our guide to makeup

By Hotcourses Editor 29th January 2015

There is hardly anything in life that can change a person’s appearance, demeanour and confidence in the way that well applied makeup can. Elizabeth Taylor had the perfect attitude towards it when she said that ‘put[ting] on some lipstick’ would help you to pull yourself...

Our guide to English

By Kristina K 17th April 2015

Most of us (though increasingly, not all of us) speak English on a daily basis, and although that may be sufficient to a certain level, there’s always room for improvement, from structuring better sentences and increasing your vocabulary to using Business English for work and...

Our guide to counselling

By Kristina K 16th September 2014

Working as a counsellor is rewarding. You may have only started dabbling with the idea of being a counsellor, have already set your mind on taking a counselling course, or already work in situations that require some counselling skills – our comprehensive list of counselling...

Our guide to hairdressing

By Jade O'Donoghue 15th January 2016

There are only a few people in life who are blessed with get-out-of-bed-looking-great hair – Jennifer Aniston is probably one and maybe Kristen Stewart – for everyone else, there are hairdressers. With a pair of scissors and a few clever products, hairdressers transform unruly...

Our guide to floristry

By Kristina K 17th April 2015

Flowers make the world a happier place. Forget about exercise to de-stress or eating healthy. It’s pretty obvious - when spring arrives and the first buds of yellow and purple crocus make its appearance, the whole place bursts into life and people walk with a spring in their...

Our guide to massage

By Kristina K 20th August 2014

There are few things more relaxing than a massage – whether you’re hoping to untie those knots in your back, help your body through your feet with a reflexology session or de-stress from the top down with an Indian head massage. It’s one treatment that appeals to a huge cross...

Our guide to painting and drawing

By Tom Davis 20th April 2015

Consider yourself the next Vincent Van Gogh? Do you have dreams of painting the next Mona Lisa? Whether you are an experienced painter and drawer or you have an interest in learning, our painting and drawing courses are suitable for all levels of artists. You could be an...

Our guide to cookery

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th June 2014

Cooking is a necessity in life but being able to do it well doesn’t come easy to everyone. If you’re an expert at burning food and don’t know your spatula from your oven glove, cookery courses teach you all you need to know. On the other hand, if you’re passionate about all...

Our guide to cake decorating

By Hotcourses Editor 10th March 2015

If you’ve perfected your Victoria sponge, and your cupcakes are divine, you may want to explore making the very most of your bakes by learning the fine art of cake decorating. From a foundation course to help you get your head around Royal icing to specialisms like...

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