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Yasmin Quadri

Yasmin is the managing editor of the Hotcourses newspaper (it comes out twice a year so make sure you grab a copy if you're ever in London!) and known in the office for drinking incredibly large cups of coffee. Though she sits on a table of men with beards, we can confirm that she doesn't have one herself.

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Paul A. Young – the chocolate king

By Yasmin Quadri 16th March 2016

Most people who choose to study catering imagine that one day they will be serving up delicious food in a bustling kitchen, combining their passion for food with a fun and interesting career path. Few imagine they will end up working alongside Marco Pierre White though, and...

Kate Mooney - the baking tutor

By Yasmin Quadri 16th March 2016

When Kate Mooney founded Eat and Mess, South London breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, there was a place where learning how to create beautiful creations was just as important as the cakes themselves. Raised a farmer’s daughter in Yorkshire, Kate travelled to San Francisco to...

Joanne Clifton – the strictly come dancer

By Yasmin Quadri 16th March 2016

We’ve all been there, a casual flick of the remote over to BBC One on a Saturday night and suddenly we’re mesmerised by the moves on screen and the gentle grace of the dancers (we won’t pass judgement on the celebrities) as they glide across the dance floor on Strictly Come...

Birgit Barrett – the jewellery teaching gem

By Yasmin Quadri 17th February 2016

We’ve got a lot of admiration for people who teach crafts – after all, it must take a lot of patience to watch someone try and wind their fingers around materials you yourself find simple to manipulate and clumsily handle equipment you mastered years ago. So when we started...

Michaela Strachan – the really wild presenter

By Yasmin Quadri 4th February 2016

Ask any 90s kid who Michaela Strachan is and it’s almost a given they’ll remember avidly witnessing her wrestle snakes in the jungle, battle bats in the darkest of caves and get up close to big cats in Africa on the Really Wild Show. 15 years later she’s come a long way from...

Aileen Hamilton – the jewellery tutor

By Yasmin Quadri 2nd February 2016

When it comes to designing and making jewellery, Aileen is one lady who knows her stuff. Studying at Epsom College of Art and completing her masters at the Royal College of Art, Aileen has spent a lifetime creating her own pieces, as well as teaching her art. When her dreams...