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Sydney Embray

Sydney is a student at London College of Fashion, and is our current editorial intern. When she isn't writing for Hotcourses or her blog she's playing guitar, cooking up a storm, or travelling Europe.

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Are you an in-class or online learner?

By Sydney Embray 22nd June 2017

With so many courses available in-class and online, which environment is best suited to you? Finding an online course couldn’t be easier nowadays. More and more people are opting to study around their lives rather than accommodate their lives around their studies. This...

5 people who should take an online course

By Sydney Embray 24th March 2016

Online courses are the latest revelation in education, and while some may call them trendy, we here at Hotcourses know they’re here to stay.  Why are we so sure?  Who could pass up the opportunity to learn a new skill, earn a new qualification, or get a head start...

Five inspirational women in engineering

By Sydney Embray 14th July 2017

Though our editorial desk isn’t made up of engineering pros, it doesn’t diminish our interest in the sector.  Our table boasts mostly writers, a couple of analytics gurus, and one university business student-turned-content intern whose senior Physics final (a 20-step...

Our guide to broadcasting

By Sydney Embray 18th March 2016

That morning drive to work and evening spent on the couch wouldn’t be the same without broadcast professionals.  DJs and presenters provide the world with entertainment, breaking news, and music—making them an invaluable aspect of our lives.  If you’ve ever...

Our guide to office skills

By Sydney Embray 8th March 2016

It’s not always obvious, but the success of a business, office, or individual often lies in the hands of assistants, secretaries, and office managers. Their skills with organisation and communication keep everyone on track and their attention to detail makes sure nothing’s ever...

Our guide to arts administration

By Sydney Embray 3rd March 2016

When you think of art, you likely think about the artistic process: highly creative people pouring out their talent and hard work on a canvas or stage.  What doesn’t necessarily come to mind is everything else it takes to bring a piece of work from artist to viewer—an...

A course for every Mum

By Sydney Embray 3rd March 2016

Ah, Mother’s Day.  If your shopping list consists of flowers and chocolates for the millionth year in a row, you may need a little inspiration before presenting Mum with a gift. After all, mothers are some of the most important people in our lives—it’s the least we can do...

Our guide to DIY and home improvements

By Sydney Embray 25th February 2016

How would it feel to know you don’t have to choose between putting up with that ugly bathroom tile and paying a small fortune to have it replaced? Even if you’ve never even touched a screwdriver or put on a pair of work gloves, you’re likely aware of the DIY trend. Bloggers, TV...

Our guide to building maintenance

By Sydney Embray 10th February 2016

The towns and cities we call our homes are made up of buildings – buildings that require care to continue being the safe and comfortable places we desire them to be.  Sound like a mammoth job? Thank goodness for the people in the building maintenance industry taking on the...

Our guide to literature

By Sydney Embray 4th February 2016

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a good book – a rainy day is a little less gloomy when you can dive into a story, and those long hours on the tube are more than bearable with a volume or two of poetry.  Sound like you?  For those addicted to the turn of the...

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