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Safeera Sarjoo

A Journalism graduate from Kingston University, Safeera has worked in both print and online media. When she isn't writing, you can find her working through her never ending bucket list or glued to the Formula 1.

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Hotcourses named as new partner for Festival of Learning

By Safeera Sarjoo 21st March 2017

Adult learning is so important – and yet, it’s never really celebrated. However, at Hotcourses this is about to change as we’ve been announced as a partner for the upcoming Festival of Learning. Previously known as Adult Learner’s Week, the Festival of Learning takes...

Why lifelong learning is vital for adults

By Safeera Sarjoo 21st March 2017

 “How easy is it to fly a drone?” a voice said behind me. I stopped brewing my tea and turned around to see my Dad standing, waiting, with an inquisitive look on his face. At first, I thought it was a bizarre question – why would a 65-year-old possibly want to fly a...

Finding time to study whilst working full time - is it possible?

By Safeera Sarjoo 21st March 2017

Have you ever psyched yourself up to try something new or do something exciting, but then decided against it at the last minute? Bungee jumping is one thing, but wanting to further your knowledge and then stopping yourself can be detrimental to your professional life. With so...

The importance of forensic accounting for society

By Safeera Sarjoo 17th March 2017

Think about your favourite superhero. What do you think of when you visualise them? Strength? Superpowers? Or the way you proudly collect your order when the barista calls out 'Batman?' Our perception of superheroes spans far and wide but more than anything they act...

This International Women’s Day, Hotcourses is championing women’s education

By Safeera Sarjoo 8th March 2017

Happy International Women’s Day! Today the global community will take the time to celebrate the economic, cultural, social and political achievements women have made across a number of areas. This year’s theme calls for people to #BeBoldForChange in order to make the...

Lifelong learning necessary for where technology is taking us

By Safeera Sarjoo 7th March 2017

There's no secret that we rely on a significant number of migrant workers in very important areas. The NHS, construction and technology in particular. In fact, the government is said to be granting more visas to technology workers in the hope that they will be able to...

Why are actors so important in society?

By Safeera Sarjoo 1st March 2017

The Oscars definitely took us on a ride with ‘envelopegate’ and the emotional speeches from winners like Viola Davis and Emma Stone. It’s quite common for us to get lost in their films, their fashion and more often than not, their lives. However, how often do we think...

Why accounting is becoming a profession for everyone thanks to AAT’s AAO approval

By Safeera Sarjoo 20th February 2017

Accountancy has always been one of those careers where I assumed you would need to ace your degree program at university and have the ability to solve complex maths mentally. However, it’s been refreshing to learn that there isn’t just one standard route into this line of work....

What should a lifelong learning strategy involve?

By Safeera Sarjoo 13th February 2017

Last week’s news about lifelong learning being placed on the government’s agenda was welcomed by many of us in the Hotcourses office. After all, we strive to help this demographic back into education. But as perfect as it may sound having politicians work out a way to...

Government to include lifelong learning in their agenda

By Safeera Sarjoo 2nd February 2017

A green paper released on 23 January made reference to the growing challenge when it comes to training for older people. Robert Halfon spoke to FE Week saying that, ‘We wouldn’t have put this in the industrial strategy if we weren’t serious about it. At the moment...

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