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Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera is Editor of Whatuni and a journalist from Kingston University. Always the inquisitive, her writing spans across a number of areas such as sustainability, fashion, lifestyle and now education. Her belief that you never stop learning and passionate nature has taken her to New York City as part of her degree and across the airwaves on national radio talking about the issues that matter to her.

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Adult Learner’s Week Wales – celebrating the power of further education

By Safeera Sarjoo 13th June 2018

There are many misconceptions about education with one being that you only get one shot at it in life. This couldn’t be further from the truth as far as Adult Learner’s Week Wales and the Inspire Awards are concerned. The Inspire Awards celebrates the achievements of...

What you can gain from a Have a Go Month taster course

By Safeera Sarjoo 19th June 2018

If you haven’t heard, June is ‘Have a Go’ month. The idea is to encourage people to try something new and remain open to the learning process. We’ve been working closely with the Festival of Learning to spread the word and right now, colleges and training providers across...

How students have benefited from taking an Access to Teacher Training course

By Safeera Sarjoo 1st March 2018

Not everyone on the Access to Teacher Training course has had a seamless journey. There are students who have had a turbulent relationship with education, whilst others may have encountered circumstances that prevented them from fully achieving their potential. At...

How Access to Teacher Training prepares students for university and beyond

By Safeera Sarjoo 1st March 2018

If there’s one thing that will never go out of demand, it’s teaching. Whether it be in a school, university or workplace, teachers are crucial to our education system.    Effective teachers can do much more than just impart knowledge; they boost their...

How to use social media to improve career prospects

By Safeera Sarjoo 20th February 2018

We all have at least one social network. Whether you keep in touch with your family on Facebook or respond to provoking news on Twitter, different networks are used for different purposes. However, if you’re considering a career change or looking for a new job, it’s not...

Charles Worthington talks hairdressing apprenticeships and challenges

By Safeera Sarjoo 12th April 2018

The opportunity to interview hairdressing royalty like Charles Worthington is something you just can’t say no to. Working in education there is so much changing around us; however hairdressing appears to have remained a constant in that there’s been no digitalisation of...

English may be evolving, but ESOL remains important

By Safeera Sarjoo 14th June 2017

English is such a widespread language that native speakers almost expect everyone they come in contact with to have a working knowledge of the language. Yes, it’s a bit presumptuous, however when there’s an estimated 1.8bn people around the world that speak or have a working...

Why counselling is the answer in a world of differences

By Safeera Sarjoo 27th September 2016

I never thought that I would enjoy talking about my feelings and sharing my woes and concerns among strangers. Attending a relationship-coaching workshop has actually been on my bucket list as something to just experience and write about. In all honesty I was a complete...

How massage therapy helps stress

By Safeera Sarjoo 19th July 2017

One of my guilty pleasures has to be a good massage. When I first started working, being sat at a desk would lead to tense muscles and stress, so every month I would research which massage to choose from and indulge myself. I found massage therapy to be a great choice...

Are drawing classes worth it?

By Safeera Sarjoo 27th April 2017

When you think about drawing classes, there are many that come to mind. Life drawing, freehand and illustration are just a selection. In the wider world, there are some careers that rely on an artistic eye, however these aren’t always in high demand. So, is it worth taking a...

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