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Monica Karpinski

Monica Karpinski received her BA (Media and Communications) and Diploma in Modern Languages (French) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. An art and culture aficionado, in her spare time Monica enjoys film, reading and writing about art.

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Four ways modern art will help you keep your day job

By Monica Karpinski 15th August 2014

Modern art can feel a bit of a tough pill to swallow. What do all those lines mean, and why are those random blobs on that canvas selling for more than my house? But beneath those seemingly simplistic veneers lies legions of complex meaning and ideas just waiting for you to...

Graphic design internships
Ten reasons why internships aren’t so scary

By Monica Karpinski 26th August 2014

Picture this: you’ve just finished a course that’s prepared you for the world of work. You’re excited, nervous, and incredibly keen to dig your heels in and put your knowledge into practice. Only, the actual idea of hacking into your industry is kind of intimidating. After...

Passion for pattern: why it’s suddenly hip to sew

By Monica Karpinski 13th October 2015

Sewing  is as old as the hills. Traditionally in the hands of women darning shirts for their husbands, we often imagine sewing as part of an old, sepia-stained memory. But now, sewing is back on the scene as the hippest new way to pass the time. Yes, sewing heads not...

Benny Lewis - the zealous omniglot

By Monica Karpinski 24th March 2016

For too many of us, learning a new language is an ever-present, neglected New Year’s resolution. Deep down, we know we’d like to do it, but shy away from the immense commitment to epic vocabulary lists and verb conjugations we imagine will follow. Carrying on as we are, the...

Arnaud Bertrandt - the holiday home hot-shot

By Monica Karpinski 24th March 2016

Going on holiday may be relaxing, but the organisation and planning behind it are far from. Next to multiple internet tabs comparing hotel prices and endless Google Maps print-outs, finding a great place to stay is integral to the success of your getaway. Not to mention the...

Michael Dyer - the underdog

By Monica Karpinski 16th March 2016

Poverty, loss, bankruptcy and mental illness aren’t things typically yoked to ideas of success. If you grew up dealing with all three, in a rough-and-tumble housing estate in Stoke-on-Trent where the average working wage is 15k per year, your chances are even slimmer. For Ben...

Glen Calvert – the consumer research crusader

By Monica Karpinski 4th March 2016

There is an impossibly gargantuan amount of information on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of pages, links, clicks, profiles and saved searches, how can anyone how hope to make sense of it all? Let alone if you’re a business, and need to be able to find and understand...

Anna Bance - the business-savvy fashionista

By Monica Karpinski 17th February 2016

Whether before a cocktail dinner, milestone birthday or masquerade ball, the question, ‘What should I wear?’ has flashed urgently across every girl and woman’s mind. But for most, the thought of shining in a frock straight from the catwalk is nothing but a dizzy daydream....

Scott Phillips - the art enterpriser

By Monica Karpinski 17th February 2016

Understanding art isn’t easy. Overwhelmed by the sharp words of critics, difficult colour combinations and sea of berets before you, picking out the perfect piece to adorn your lounge room can feel quite stressful. Not to mention the steep price tag that tends to accompany...

Faisal Butt - the property professional

By Monica Karpinski 17th February 2016

Everyone fears failure: that dreaded ‘F’ word. Between late-night brainstorms, endless spreadsheets and inescapable slithers of self doubt, it can be tough for budding entrepreneurs to push through and bring their ideas to fruition. However, explains Mayfair-based entrepreneur...

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