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Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.

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Natasha Amrita Singh – the henna story teller

By Jane McGuire 10th November 2015

If 97,000 Instagram followers don’t prove her success, her industry awards and stunning photographs do. Based in LA, Natasha Amrita Singh got her business idea from a few mindless doodles. Fast forward a few years and she decided to quit her successful banking job and turn...

Fergus McIver – the maintenance mechanic

By Jane McGuire 17th February 2016

Growing up with two car mad brothers, it’s safe to say I have probably seen a miniature model of every Aston Martin in existence. Not having a clue how they work or run (or what makes them James Bond worthy), I sat down to talk to Aston Martin car maintenance mechanic, Fergus...

Lee Stafford - the award winning hairdresser

By Jane McGuire 24th March 2016

When Lee Stafford agreed to speak to us, an argument nearly broke out on the beauty-obsessed, Hotcourses editorial desk as we decided who would do the interview. Kind of a big deal, Lee does not need much introduction – an award winning hairdresser to the stars who has produced...

Daniel Fryer – the psychotherapist

By Jane McGuire 4th March 2016

Nearly all of us look for someone to talk to when things go wrong, but sometimes it takes a professional to unpick our thoughts to find the solution. Whilst counselling sessions must remain private, it’s no secret that working as a therapist can be both rewarding and demanding....

Richard Ward - hairdressing royalty

By Jane McGuire 17th February 2016

When it comes to the royals there a few contacts every girl wishes she had in her diary, with Pippa Middleton’s personal trainer, Kate’s stylist and the man responsible for their flawless locks being top of the list. So we were royally honoured when Richard Ward (a.k.a. the...

An expert’s view on the hairdressing industry

By Jane McGuire 27th January 2016

Suffering from the shock of a ‘New Year new me’ crop, hair has very much been the subject of the editorial desk recently. Much to Richard, Henry and Tom’s despair, on this side of the desk we have been talking styles, hair growth supplements and split ends for a few weeks now....

Priscilla Coleman – the courtroom artist

By Jane McGuire 15th March 2016

There aren’t many interviews that leave me speechless. Stumbling across Priscilla Coleman and her courtroom sketches, I found myself staring at pictures of some of the world’s most wanted; from Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr to Rose West. The courtroom was the last place I...

Annie Sloan – the painter

By Jane McGuire 16th December 2015

Image: Fiona Murray ‘My whole feeling is that my paint is part of the story of decorating a home. I am a painter, an artist, that’s my background and that’s who I am.’ Creating her famous chalk paint in 1990, 25 years later Annie Sloan has a network of 1,500 handpicked...

Could you fix a car?

By Jane McGuire 18th February 2016

Would you know what to do if your car broke down? Could you fix an overheated engine or change a wheel without any help? For those who are already shaking their heads - a car maintenance course could be for you, but why not test your automotive know how with our quiz. ...

Michel Roux Jr. – the legend

By Jane McGuire 21st October 2015

How do you even begin to describe the influence the Roux family has had on the food industry? As I sit down to chat with the legendary Michel Roux Jr, his famous name precedes him. His father and uncle, known as ‘the godfathers of modern cuisine’, have trained half of the UK’s...

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