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Jade O'Donoghue

Jade will talk your ear off about rowing if you let her. She studied an MA and NCTJ diploma in Journalism at Brunel but her course-taking didn't stop there, having tried a number of different subjects since working here, even magic. Whether you're an expert who wants to share their knowledge, a student who's had a great experience or you just want to say hi, she'd love you to get in touch through our social media pages.

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We retook our maths GCSE and failed

By Jade O'Donoghue 9th March 2017

GCSE Maths is one of the most important qualifications for adults to possess in the UK. Employers are always on the lookout for it to prove that someone has basic knowledge of mathematics and it’s incredibly useful in life – how else would you work out what 20% off your weekly...

How to stay motivated while taking an online course

By Jade O'Donoghue 1st March 2017

You get the idea you want to learn something new. You sign up for it straight away because it’s free. You start the first lesson and feel really keen to continue. Life gets in the way and you never complete it. This is how online courses work for a lot of people. The initial...

Is an apprenticeship worth it?

By Jade O'Donoghue 28th February 2017

On the face of it, apprenticeships seem like the ideal way of learning – you’re there in the workplace, learning practical skills, meeting people who are doing what you dream of and best of all, getting paid to do it. They do involve a lot of work though, you’re keeping your...

How hard is GCSE Science?

By Jade O'Donoghue 21st February 2017

Certainly, when I was 16 and in secondary school doing my Science GCSE, I found it hard work. I passed it though and with a good grade. Job done, never to have to think too hard about science again. But would I be able to achieve the same if I went back to school now? Each...

Five things that might put you off learning but shouldn’t

By Jade O'Donoghue 16th February 2017

Been meaning to go back to the classroom and retrain or learn something new but haven’t quite had the guts to do it yet? You’re not alone. Every day we have people getting in contact asking us how education has changed since they were last in the classroom and worrying about...

Kayla Garland – the computer queen

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th March 2016

Here on the editorial desk, we spend pretty much our entire day on the internet. We use word processing software to write articles, before pasting the words into the back end of the website, which then appear for you to read right here on the page. But how much thought do any...

Daniel Rowe – the accredited legal representative

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th March 2016

There’s no doubt law is a popular subject for people to study – whether it’s an interest in the legal rights of criminals or a fascination with the intricacies of law within the corporate world, there’s a variety of reasons people go for it. Not to mention the fact that it’s...

Leslie Primo – the art historian

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th March 2016

Confusion is a familiar feeling to anyone who has visited an art gallery and found themselves wandering from exhibit to exhibit baffled by what they’re viewing, desperately trying to interpret some kind of message or meaning within the frames. While most of us can appreciate...

Cathy Cobbold – the sign language superstar

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th March 2016

When looking for experts, we always seek out people who work closely within a subject and have an interesting story to tell about how they got there. When Cathy Cobbold, at the start of the interview, mentioned in an offhand way that she woke up deafened one morning, it was...

Robin Vidgeon – the film industry veteran

By Jade O'Donoghue 24th March 2016

It goes without saying that the film industry is a hard one to break into, and many people hoping to do so take all the advice they possibly can. With this in mind we were under pressure to get someone good as our film expert and since Spielberg was busy, we thought we’d look...

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