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Formal education isn’t the ‘be all’ of pursuing a career

By Hotcourses Editor 26th March 2019

It is common to think that being university educated will get you off to the best start in most careers, as a degree is thought to be the most recognisable qualification by employers. This can be true for specific jobs, but what if there were other ways to pursue your ideal...

Our guide to makeup

By Hotcourses Editor 29th January 2015

There is hardly anything in life that can change a person’s appearance, demeanour and confidence in the way that well applied makeup can. Elizabeth Taylor had the perfect attitude towards it when she said that ‘put[ting] on some lipstick’ would help you to pull yourself...

Our guide to cake decorating

By Hotcourses Editor 10th March 2015

If you’ve perfected your Victoria sponge, and your cupcakes are divine, you may want to explore making the very most of your bakes by learning the fine art of cake decorating. From a foundation course to help you get your head around Royal icing to specialisms like...

The dos and don'ts of choosing an apprenticeship

By Hotcourses Editor 16th August 2013

Making the decision of whether to do an apprenticeship can be tricky and trying to decide on the right one, even harder. Here are a few things to think about while you’re browsing our apprenticeship pages to ensure you’re making the right choice:   Do...

Our guide to butchery

By Hotcourses Editor 2nd March 2018

In recent decades, we have become more concerned about the welfare of animals that are bred for food. Television programmes like Jimmy’s Farm and similar documentaries about the meat industry in general have opened our eyes to what goes on in the course of putting meat on our...

Our guide to art

By Hotcourses Editor 24th June 2014

Art is amongst one of the smallest words in the dictionary, but these three, unassuming letters open up a world of creative opportunity for anyone who wishes to grasp it. Perhaps art has been your life-force since the very first time you picked up a pencil in primary school; or...

The top ten apprenticeships in the UK

By Hotcourses Editor 16th August 2013

There are so many great reasons for doing an apprenticeship  – you can earn while you learn, you will meet lots of contacts which could help in the future, and the training is recognised all around the country. There are a huge number of different apprenticeships...

Our guide to human resources management

By Hotcourses Editor 8th January 2014

Imagine saying “You’re hired” for a living! Human resources – or HR as it’s often called – is about matching people to the right jobs and making sure they stay happy in those jobs. And in today’s competitive climate, where employers want the very best people around, good HR...

Our guide to courses to help with disability

By Hotcourses Editor 26th July 2016

Working with disabled people can at times be a challenge but at the same time, it’s one of the most rewarding careers. Not only are you supporting people to lead more fulfilling and independent lives, but you give them the opportunity to feel as much a part of society as anyone...

Our guide to Communication and Media

By Hotcourses Editor 15th July 2016

When we think about media and communication the first thing that comes to mind is the entertainment sector; television, film and radio and the roles within these disciplines.   Though this is one popular branch of within the sector, it’s not the only one. Some people...

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