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Our guide to sports massage

By Ashley Khossousi 23rd February 2016

Wherever you are, you've probably noticed the seemingly ever increasing amount of joggers or cyclists on your morning commute to work no matter how foul the weather may be! With more and more people taking a greater interest in their health and fitness and going to the gym, the...

Our guide to Zumba

By Ashley Khossousi 21st December 2015

Zumba, along with yoga and Pilates has burst onto the fitness and keeping active scene of late with more and more classes and centres specialised in it popping up all over the UK. Zumba is both an excellent way to perfect your dance moves and keep in shape as well socialise and...

Our guide to furniture restoration

By Ashley Khossousi 21st December 2015

Are you bored of simply popping to your local Swedish flat-pack furniture shop? Fancy something a bit more unique with some character and history?  Well with more people turning to ‘bric-a-brack’ and vintage shops to buy second hand furniture, chances are, what you buy may...

Our guide to WordPress

By Ashley Khossousi 21st December 2015

Are you a keen blogger? Interested in web design? Do you love to write but wish you could display your work in a more professional, eye catching format? Then perhaps taking a course in WordPress can help you fulfil your blogging needs. As the blogosphere and citizen journalism...

Our guide to anger management

By Ashley Khossousi 14th December 2015

There are many things that can make you angry or set you over the edge whether it’s sleep deprivation, money or relationship issues or a mental or physical illness, we’re all prone to lose it sometimes.  It’s only natural for us to get angry every now and then, the...

Our guide to barbering

By Ashley Khossousi 10th November 2015

Barbering dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians and is still integral in today’s grooming culture.  Back in those days, barbers would also perform surgery and were very highly regarded in society, and though that belief may have dwindled over the centuries, a barber...

Our guide to wood carving

By Ashley Khossousi 10th August 2015

Have an interest in wooden sculptors or ornaments and possess an arty eye?  Feel that maybe wood carving is something you can try your hand at? Well if you think you could be more of a whizz with wood than ‘Handy Andy’ off Changing Rooms with MDF then a wood carving...

Our guide to youth work training

By Ashley Khossousi 22nd April 2015

Do you have a passion for your community and genuinely care about the needs of the youth within? Then maybe a youth work training course to kick start your career working with children is right up your street. Working with the youth is as rewarding as it is challenging and...

Our guide to DIY

By Ashley Khossousi 22nd April 2015

Do you struggle at home when it comes to DIY? Does your home need a bit of a sprucing up, or a massive makeover? Regardless, if you haven’t the foggiest when it comes to DIY, or you just want to advance your already honed handiness with tools, there will be DIY courses...

Our guide to digital media

By Ashley Khossousi 22nd April 2015

The digital world has changed drastically over the last decade and is ever fluctuating to this present day. Advancements in technology and the growing influence of social media means now more than ever is a great time for you to get up to date with everything with a digital...

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