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9 times health and safety has confused us a bit

By Jade O'Donoghue 15th November 2017

The foundations of health and safety are built on rules and regulations and as such things need to be clear. Any confusion could result in danger to those involved. Serious stuff hey? Yes, it is, but it's also hilarious when signs, designed to protect our health and safety,...

What are ECDL courses?

By Safeera Sarjoo 10th November 2017

Whether it’s for daily use at work, buying shopping online or just browsing the internet, the vast majority of us use computers on a frequent basis. However, despite over three quarters of the UK’s working population regularly using computers, most have never had formal IT...

Ching He-Huang: An appetite for success

By Safeera Sarjoo 9th November 2017

The food industry has grown immensely over the last few years with exposure to countless TV shows, celebrity chefs, fresh cook books and new restaurants adorning our streets. Food is even a prime focus on social media with a report stating that Pizza and Sushi are the two most...

Festival of Learning highlights positive side to Further Education

By Safeera Sarjoo 8th November 2017

I always knew lifelong learning had its benefits, but nothing could prepare me for the way it had impacted people at the recent Festival of Learning awards. Adult Learning has always faced an uphill battle where funding and perception is concerned. Often seen as the option...

Are BTECs as good as A-Levels?

By Safeera Sarjoo 13th October 2017

For a lot of people, A-Levels are seen as the best way to get into university. This often means that other notable qualifications, like BTECs, gets forgotten. BTEC qualifications have long been regarded as inferior to A-Levels, perhaps because of their differing structure...

What should a lifelong learning strategy involve?

By Safeera Sarjoo 4th October 2017

Last week’s news about lifelong learning being placed on the government’s agenda was welcomed by many of us in the Hotcourses office. After all, we strive to help this demographic back into education. But as perfect as it may sound having politicians work out a way to...

The importance of forensic accounting for society

By Safeera Sarjoo 4th October 2017

Think about your favourite superhero. What do you think of when you visualise them? Strength? Superpowers? Or the way you proudly collect your order when the barista calls out 'Batman?' Our perception of superheroes spans far and wide but more than anything they act...

Passion for pattern: why it’s suddenly hip to sew

By Monica Karpinski 4th October 2017

Sewing  is as old as the hills. Traditionally in the hands of women darning shirts for their husbands, we often imagine sewing as part of an old, sepia-stained memory. But now, sewing is back on the scene as the hippest new way to pass the time. Yes, sewing heads not...

Are you an in-class or online learner?

By Sydney Embray 28th September 2017

With so many courses available in-class and online, which environment is best suited to you? Finding an online course couldn’t be easier nowadays. More and more people are opting to study around their lives rather than accommodate their lives around their studies. This...

Is an apprenticeship worth it?

By Jade O'Donoghue 28th September 2017

On the face of it, apprenticeships seem like the ideal way of learning – you’re there in the workplace, learning practical skills, meeting people who are doing what you dream of and best of all, getting paid to do it. They do involve a lot of work though, you’re keeping your...

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