Boost your CV with an online course

Boost your CV with an online course

Why studying online could help your career

First published date April 23 2014 Amended date March 10 2016

Competition for jobs can be tough, and many applicants may have a similar set of skills so it’s important to make yourself stand out. Many do this by taking extra courses – whether alongside their studies at university, or in the evenings after work – so that they can add more to their CV and show they’re a proactive.  If you’re short of time though and intimidated by the idea of going to college, a distance course could be a great option and there are several reasons why studying online could help your career.


What do employers want?

Previously, employers have been known to look for the standard five skills that are required in every role; communication, research, analysis, organisation and responsibility. But now, they are looking for applicants with a little extra, and studying for an online course could be the perfect way to add a little more value to your CV.

But which one do you go for? Firstly, research what skills are hot property in your chosen industry. There are a few that are currently being sought after across a variety of industries, such as:

Foreign languages – the internet has paved the way for many businesses to go global with minimal expense, and adding an extra language to your repertoire is a sure-fire way to impress employers who want to communicate in new markets.

Programming and coding – HTML, CSS,  JavaScript – everything that we see online has to be coded and even the most basic knowledge of structuring a webpage can be invaluable to small businesses who can’t afford to go to a tech-team for every small problem with their site. Coders are like gold dust at the moment for employers.

Photoshop and InDesign – you may have noticed a trend here. Also influenced by the rise of the internet, companies need to be responsive to the market around them, and as the web is consistently updated, so must your brand be constantly refreshed. Companies are becoming aware that it is easier and cheaper to have someone with basic editorial skills in-house than face the heavy charge of graphic designers every time they need a banner resized or an image designed for their Facebook page.


So why study online?

Not only are there many reasons why studying online could help your career but there are lots of other benefits of studying for additional qualifications at home. You can learn at your own pace, without having to adhere to someone else’s lesson structure, and can recap parts of the lesson as often as you want.

It is also a more flexible way of learning, and can be fitted into your own schedule. Instead of having to attend an evening class on a set day every week, you can learn as and when you are free, much more convenient for busy professionals. Fancy learning German over a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon, or brushing up on your budgeting skills on your lunch break? Just log onto your course and access all your learning materials as and when you want.


A great way to improve yourself

Having an additional skill on your CV will not only show an employer your aptitude for speaking a certain language or coding a webpage, it will show them your dedication to personal development and progressing in your career. Employers are looking for ambitious employees who are keen to improve their own abilities, and nothing is a better example of this than using your own time to study for an extra qualification, so get started with an online course today.


This article was written by Abbie Baisden from Milkround, especially for Hotcourses

Guest author from Milkround