23 things that go through your head when you’re going on a course
Jane McGuire

23 things that go through your head when you’re going on a course

What is it like going on a course

First published date August 04 2015 Amended date October 20 2015

Whether it’s a yoga lesson or a pottery workshop, going on a course can often be a little daunting. No matter how excited you were when you clicked and booked, those back to school feelings will mound as you set off to your first class. Here at Hotcourses we have been there, done that and had the sweaty palms to prove it. So take a deep breath, sit back and reassure yourself you aren’t crazy with the 23 things that will go through your head when you’re going on a course.


1. I can’t remember where the course is or what trains I have to take to get there.


2. Oh god, I’m going to be late and have to be the one that walks in when it has already started.


3. What if everyone is really good and I look rubbish as the only beginner?


4. Surely everyone won’t be really good right?


5. What if nobody likes me? – I should have persuaded [insert friend’s name here] to come with me.


6. I wonder if everyone will have brought someone with them.


7. Why do I feel nervous?


8. I wonder if everyone feels this nervous.


9. What if I’ve forgotten something really important like a pen?


10. Wait, will I even need a pen?


11. What if everybody is already friends and I’m like the kid who gets picked last in PE?


12. Why do I feel like I’m going back to school?


13. Will I get lunch/ dinner/ any sort of snack?


14. I wonder if that person walking in front of me is also going on the course. Should I run ahead and ask them? No that's weird isn't it? 


15. I wonder if I’ll get to take my work home with me.


16. Will it be really weird doing a course in someone’s home? What if I need to go to the toilet? Or what if they have a really smelly dog?  


17. What if I’m wearing the wrong thing? I wonder what everyone else will be wearing.


18. Am I walking in the right direction? Wait let me check Google maps for the seventh time.


19. Should I have done something to prepare for this?


20. I wonder what the teacher will be like.


21. I’m definitely going to be late. Surely they wouldn’t start without me?


22. It’s actually quite exciting trying something new isn’t it?


23. How do I get in?


Although all these worries may put you off, do not be down heartened, as they are certainly not deal breakers. As cliché as it may sound, whenever and wherever the course takes place, it is a great way to meet new people from all different walks of life and try something new. From massaging strangers to practising first aid on a dummy, we’ve left every course we’ve tried feeling glad we took part. Feeling better? Our job here is done! If you’ve been on a course or just started looking for one get in touch and let us know– we don’t bite. 

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.