The lowdown on tutor lessons
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The lowdown on tutor lessons

What are tutor lessons

First published date September 28 2012 Amended date December 07 2012

Loads of learners up and down the UK choose to take tutor lessons every year and with a market worth an estimated £6 billion, they’re continuing to grow in popularity. But what are tutor lessons exactly? And how do they differ to other courses?


Tutor lessons are one to one classes where it is just you and a teacher. There’s no one else in the class and your tutor’s sole focus is on you.


They’re very different to taking group classes and they work well for people with specific learning preferences: maybe you learn better in a one to one setting, maybe you want to study something that requires a bit more attention than other subjects, or perhaps it’s just that you were the kid in school that couldn’t help but mess around and you think you might relapse in the classroom.


In any case, tutor lessons are a brilliant way to learn. Though sometimes more intense than group lessons, you will learn at a rapid speed, often covering a lot over a short period of time. Plus, if you were that naughty kid, you won’t get given a detention this time round!


If you’re still a bit unsure what tutor lessons are and whether they’re for you, here are some common questions we can help with:


What subjects can you take as tutor lessons?

Plenty! There are certain subjects that you’ll find most common as tutor lessons – academic ones, for example, like maths or chemistry often lend themselves to this kind of teaching as you don’t need any special space or equipment. They’re often run alongside other qualifications to act as extra practice. Learning to play a musical instrument one to one is popular too, but there are also other subjects you might not have thought you could take as tutor lessons such as gardening or cookery.


Are tutor lessons better than group classes?

They both have their merits and it depends on the subject and what you want out of the class. Group classes are more sociable and lend themselves more readily to subjects like drama or sports. However, it’s likely that in taking tutor lessons you will learn faster as the teacher is only focused on you as opposed to a whole class of students.


Does it cost more?

Prices vary. Often it does cost a little more as you are getting all the attention on just you, but just as frequently the prices for groups don’t differ that much. One good thing about some tutors, driving instructors for example, is that they charge by the hour so it can cost as little or as much as you can afford.


What sort of backgrounds do private tutors have?

Most private tutors will have experience in the subject they are teaching from a job or higher education. Often they have previously worked as teachers or are training towards becoming a full time teacher. There aren’t any specific qualifications expected of tutors other than a demonstrable expertise in their field.


Is it safe to go to the home of a tutor for a lesson?

Attending the house of a tutor for a lesson is no different than going into any other stranger’s home and brings with it a degree of risk. This is where it’s a good idea to read reviews of the tutor beforehand and ensure that a member of your family or a friend knows where you are. Generally though, you should be fine as your tutor has probably had many students like you before.


How long do tutor lessons last and how are they structured?

Tutor lessons vary in length depending on whether they charge by the hour or for set lessons. The structure varies from lesson to lesson too, with different tutors choosing different teaching styles. One useful benefit of tutor lessons is that it’s just you and the teacher so you can share any concerns you have or preferred ways of learning and ensure that you work your tuition to suit you.


We hope we’ve answered the question, ‘What are tutor lessons?’ and many more besides that but if you’re still a little uncertain, feel free to ask us more. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter where we’ll be happy to help. Or, if you want to get searching now, use the homepage search to find your subject and see if there are any tutor lessons on offer near you.

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