DIY like a pro - and without a hammer!
Jane McGuire

DIY like a pro - and without a hammer!

Unconventional DIY courses

First published date April 06 2016 Amended date April 06 2016

DIY – a term laden with negative connotations. If you ever needed an excuse to fall out with your partner or spend a weekend in tears, manoeuvring your oversized trolley out of the IKEA marketplace, DIY will push people over the edge. Over here at Hotcourses, we believe doing it yourself shouldn’t be so dramatic and that sometimes it’s the little things that make a house a home. 

As summer starts peaking its head over the horizon, a spring clean and spruce up is top of many bank holiday to-do lists. Yet before descending into a cold sweat, why not have a read of how you can DIY like a pro, which doesn't involve picking up a hammer (you can thank us later).


What are interior design classes like?

Our best answer is to snap up a course and see for yourself! Knowing how to co-ordinate your wallpaper to your furniture, use space wisely, and be creative with colour are all invaluable skills when it comes to transforming your home. Not all of us can go on sixty second makeover, so why not learn how to make these changes yourself with an interior design course?


What to do outdoors? Try garden design!

The great Monet once wrote, ‘my garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.’ If you like the sound of letting the renovations begin outside, a garden design course could be just what you are looking for. Whether it’s learning to nurture the simplest shrubs, or plant the roots for more impressive skills, spring is the time to get growing.


Floristry - where flowers bloom

Following nicely on, nothing transforms a room like an eye-catching flower arrangement. If cutting stems and chucking them in a vase is as far as your skills stretch, it could be time to grab the gardening gloves and head off to learn more. With lots of weekend and evening courses available, who said learning something new had to be a full time commitment?


Create your own pottery

Add the final touches with a handmade pot or two. Our editor Jane once decided making a clay owl on her pottery course would be fun; although some say he is hideous, he’s definitely an interesting feature in her living room. Let your creative juices flow – we can guarantee this will be far more exciting than choosing wallpaper.



Can’t find the sofa or footstool you dream of? How about learning how to re-design your old pieces with an upholstery course? Learn all there is to know from an expert and save a lot of money doing it your own way. Besides, upcyling is the new recycling right?


Ready to get started? If we’ve inspired you to book a course and leave the tool box in the shed, why not let us know on Facebook or Twitter – we love hearing from you! If, on the other hand, you’ve realised the jobs on your to-do list do involve some hard grafting, we’ve got plenty of home improvement courses to help too. 

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.