Unusual apprenticeships
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Unusual apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships

First published date September 17 2012 Amended date August 15 2013

Apprenticeships come in a number of different subjects and cover a wide range of industries, including many that you might not expect. Yes, you can do an apprenticeship in carpentry or plumbing, but did you know it was possible to do any of these?


Being the boss at Tresham College

If you’re keen to start work at a higher level, this is a team leading apprenticeship that will allow you to take on a lot of responsibility fairly quickly. From solving disputes between workers, to making important decisions and managing your own area, you will work in a team as you learn all about how to lead.


A close shave at Milton Keynes College

A number of students every year take on hairdressing apprenticeships, but did you know it was possible to do one focused on barbering? You will learn to cut men’s head hair as well as facial hair and how to perform conditioning treatments.


Getting turfed out at Merrist Wood College

Perfect for the green fingered type, it’s possible to take an apprenticeship in sports turf. You will learn all there is to know about keeping sports turf looking great, from planting and nurturing seeds, right through to using tools and lawn mowers.


Treading the boards with the locals at South Essex College

On this community arts apprenticeship you will practice bringing local people together by organising arts events in the area you’re working in. You will be meeting different people from a variety of backgrounds and helping them to publicise and run exciting arts projects.


Flower power at Sheffield College

This is another perfect job and learning opportunity for those that like working with plants and flowers. On this horticulture apprenticeship, not only will you learn how to grow beautiful blooms, you’ll be working outdoors from day one.


It’s play time at City and Islington College

Who knew that play and work could come together? On this playwork apprenticeship, that’s exactly what they do. You might be based in an after school club, a soft play area, or even on an adventure playground. Then, while at college, you will learn more about children and their development.


Cooking up a storm at Kirklees College

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, this apprenticeship will allow you to turn your passion into a career. Covering everything from butchery to creating exquisitely presented desserts, you will find yourself working day to day in a kitchen as you learn to be a chef.


University is often seen as the only way to pursue a career, especially if you’ve not heard of an apprenticeship in the subject you wish to study. However, look a bit further and you’re sure to find a number of options available to you. Use our apprenticeship search tool or browse apprenticeships in the UK (covering young apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships) to see if there are any apprenticeships in the industry you’d like to work in one day or have a read of our FAQs if you’re still not sure an apprenticeship is right for you.


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