Thirteen celebrities who have done unexpected training courses
Jane McGuire

Thirteen celebrities who have done unexpected training courses

Training courses that celebrities have been on

First published date September 11 2014 Amended date October 28 2014

These days it’s unlikely that you would bump into Brad Pitt on a first aid course, or David Beckham learning more about food safety, but you would be surprised at the training courses that celebrities have been on in their time. Before treading the red carpet in their Louboutins and handmade suits, these celebrities had very normal jobs that would entail very normal training.  To give you some inspiration when booking a training course, whether for work or to add to your CV, here at Hotcourses we’ve unearthed thirteen celebrities that have done unexpected training courses.


Ashton Kutcher

Whether you are an Aerosystems Engineer in the Royal Air Force, or working for Formula One, there are plenty of options out there for engineers. Yet most of these jobs will require you to complete a great deal of training, learning all about the structures and workings of the machinery. Perhaps this is the reason why Ashton Kutcher chose to study a degree in Biochemical Engineering, along with Mr Bean (aka Rowan Atkinson) who swotted up on Electrical Engineering.


Julie Walters

When it comes to job satisfaction, you won’t get more than working in the nursing industry. As a nurse you may be asked to go on extra courses to specialise in areas such as cancer care, accident and emergency or women’s health. Before she became one of the nation’s favourite actresses, star of Mamma Mia and Harry Potter, Julie Walkers worked as a nurse in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Walters’ time as a nurse was short lived, working for 18 months before moving to Manchester to work in the theatre in the 1970s.


George Clooney

Hollywood heartthrob Mr Clooney did not always dream of the big screen, instead choosing to study broadcast journalism at university. Broadcast journalists investigate and present news for radio and television and may often be asked to go on extra journalist training courses. Little did he know, thirteen years later he would make his big break in ER, where he would play Dr Doug Ross for five years, winning two Emmy Award nominations for his performance.


Mick Jagger

Before he had the moves like Jagger, the legendary Rolling Stones front man had a far less rock and roll time studying as a trainee accountant at the London School of Economics. Whilst he was studying Jagger became friends with Keith Richards and Brian Jones. He obviously didn’t get no satisfaction from economics so decided to leave and pursue his music career.


Leona Lewis

We all fell in love with her on the X Factor for being the shy singer from Islington, but Leona Lewis soon became the first British female solo artist to have the most UK top five singles, with Bleeding Love staying at number one for seven weeks. Before this, Leona worked as a receptionist in a solicitor’s office, probably attending training courses in switchboard and touch typing. 


Ozzy Osbourne

When hiring a plumber you look for someone who is reliable, hard working and trustworthy. With this in mind, imagine opening the door to Ozzy Osbourne. Before rising to fame as the crazed front man of Black Sabbath and earning millions from his heavy metal solo career, Ozzy (at this point still going by the name of John) trained as a plumber.


Michael Kors

It’s not a big surprise that the famous American designer Michael Kors walked into a job in retail, at the Manhatten boutique Lothar’s when he was nineteen. Shortly after this, the fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman situated across the street discovered Michael’s skills and asked him to share his designs to their buyers. We wonder whether Mr Kors had to go on any training courses in visual merchandising or customer service. 


Hugh Jackman

When we say Hugh Jackman most of you will think Wolverine, Real Steel or Les Misérables, but for some poor children out there they will know Hugh as Coco the clown. He now admits he was a terrible clown, with no magic tricks up his sleeve and soon found his forte in film. Perhaps Hugh would have benefitted from a performance art course when working on his Coco impression.


Harry Hill

Believe it or not (we didn’t at first) the hilarious Harry Hill we all know and love studied neurosurgery at the University of London. We hope he wasn’t cracking jokes when completing his medical training and working as a doctor. 


Johnny Depp

The larger than life Pirates of the Caribbean star has played everyone from Edward Scissorhands to Willy Wonker, but before hitting the big screen, Tim Burton’s go to guy worked as a pen salesman. Obviously Depp’s sales training didn’t go too well, as he admits to being awful at his job; luckily his wife introduced him to Nicholas Cage who advised him to pursue an acting career.


Gene Simmons

Known for his stage persona ‘The Demon’, Gene Simmons is the bass guitarist from kiss, most recognisable for his terrifying black and white face make up. It might surprise you that before becoming the demon, Gene worked as a primary school teacher. Clearly the teacher training didn’t rub off on him, as he didn’t even last a year in the classroom.


Kim Kardashian

Prior to becoming selfie queen, star of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Mrs Kanye West, Kim K worked as a personal assistant. As much as we would love to say this was dull and boring, with clients like Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, Cindy Crawford and Paris Hilton, we are sure Kim’s life was still star studded.


Venus Williams

As well as being the five time Wimbledon-winning tennis pro, Venus Williams also has her own interior design company. We wonder whether Venus squeezed in any business training around her tennis games before launching V Star Interiors. 


If you’re inspired by the training courses that celebrities have been on,  whether you dream of fame or are already walking down the red carpet, it is never too late to sign up to a training course.  With plenty of options available whatever the industry, we are sure you will find the training you need for the day job, even if you are dreaming of the stars. 

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