Stars who studied their A Levels
Alistair Stafford

Stars who studied their A Levels

Top ten celebs with A Levels

First published date November 07 2013 Amended date September 04 2014

It’s getting to the time of year where you students have to decide on your next career move, whether that be studying A Levels, moving on to college for a BTEC or apprentice scheme, or seeking full-time work. We all know how much of a difficult decision it can be weighing up all the options.

To give you some inspiration on what you can do, why not see what some well know celebrities sudied at A Level? Or maybe you’d like follow on from your celebrity icon’s education route? Either way, here at Hotcourses we’ve unearthed ten well-known celebs who all studied their A Levels (...with some mixed results!):


Emma Watson – The actress mixed filming the Harry Potter series with studying for her A Levels brilliantly, managing straight A grades in her three subjects. Most famous for playing Hermione Grainger in the JK Rowling series, Watson got the high results in English literature, geography and art, which could have got her into almost any university (even Hogwarts!).


Geri Halliwell – This Spice Girl was no wannabe when it came to her A Levels. Halliwell passed her subjects at Camden School for Girls and even managed to secure an A grade in her English language exam!


Tinie Tempah – The rapper has a much bigger brain than his first name may suggest. Before he could ‘pass out’ of education and becoming a chart-topping performer, the Londoner juggled his growing career with his A Levels, studying media studies, religious studies and psychology.


Tom Daley – It can be difficult juggling study with extra-curriculum activity, but the teenage diver seemed to have no problems combining his training commitments with his A Levels. Daley managed an A* in photography and achieved A grades in both Spanish and maths, before going on to earn a bronze medal in the London 2012 Olympics.


Jake Humphrey – The former BBC Sport presenter passed his A Levels, but didn’t succeed straight away. He got the grades E, N (an old grade meaning near miss) and U first time around, the same year he was sacked from his job at McDonald’s down to poor communication skills! Humphrey passed at the second attempt, before seeing his media career rapidly blossom.


Prince William – The possible future king must have found his A Levels as easy as 1-2-3, as he managed A, B, C in his exams. He got a B in Art (the same grade his brother Harry managed a few years later) and a C in biology, while he achieved his top mark in geography – very useful for someone who spends a lot of his time working across the world…


Chip - The rapper, formerly known as Chipmunk, had already broken into the top 40 charts when his A Level results were released. The performer had achieved a B in drama, C in sociology and D in critical thinking, making him feel like a ‘Champion’!


Orlando Bloom – Before becoming a Hollywood superstar, the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings actor had a great education. Moving to London, Bloom secured grade A’s in both art and sculpture and photography, while he also managed an A Level in Religious Studies.  The actor later studied a drama degree at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Jon Snow – Another example of a journalist who struggled to get the grades he’d hoped for. The Channel Four newscaster managed just one A Level at his first go, a grade C in English language as he failed geography and biology. Switching to a college in Scarborough saw a slight improvement, as he managed grades in economics and law good enough to, in his own words, ’Scrape a place reading law at the University of Liverpool.’


Matt Baker – Many of you will have grown up watching him on Blue Peter or the One Show, but it was physiotherapy that Baker had intended to forge a career in. Although getting A Levels in drama, biology and sports science, he didn’t get the grades required so went and studied drama at uni, where he was then talent spotted by the BBC (...and the rest is history!).


Hopefully hearing a few celebrities with A Levels will have helped you with your choice about further education. If you’re still undecided on your next move, there’s time still for you to work out what A Levels to take. The Hotcourses careers advice section can help you gather more information about potential job sectors to pursue, while our huge list of apprenticeships available may give you something extra to think about.  Whatever you decide to do after GCSE’s, let’s hope your career becomes as successful as some of those celebs! 

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