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Top ten online courses

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First published date August 02 2012 Amended date March 10 2016

Online courses have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as the internet has become faster and the possibilities of group learning and video seminars online have become realities. More and more people are choosing to study like this, thanks to the way these courses fit easily around work and home lives, coupled with the attraction of being able to learn at your own pace.


Here at Hotcourses we love a top ten so we thought we’d bring together our most popular online courses in one place to give a bit of inspiration to anyone thinking about logging on. So here they are, our top ten online courses:


1.       IT – We’re sure it comes as no surprise that IT has made it to number one – after all, if you’re learning about how to use your computer, where better to do it than on your computer? Studying IT online is really useful as you can experiment with the new things you’re getting the hang of straight away.


2.       English – Our number two subject comes in a variety of guises, from online lessons in how to speak English to courses on English literature. These types of courses are often very reading-focused so doing it online is a good way to save paper and printing costs.


3.       Management – It’s true that it’s not easy to boss people around over the internet but you can take a management course to learn how to do it effectively! These courses often require good communication skills as they may involve working with other students in online forums.


4.       Language – Different people learn languages at different paces so taking a language course online can be very beneficial if you want to take your time. You’ll probably need to have speakers connected to your computer, so you can listen out for how to pronounce things. Be prepared to practice saying things aloud in an empty room!


5.       Photography – For many, film is a thing of the past; people are snapping photos on their mobile phones and compact digital cameras now, so learning how to do it online can be really handy. You can upload the images straight to your tutor for feedback and learn how to edit the photos on your computer.


6.       Teaching – A lot of teaching is moving online (as you can see from this list!) so training to be a teacher through e-learning is a great way to get used to this type of study. It’s worth noting though, that most teaching courses require a practical element carried out in the classroom, so online teaching courses are not always solely online unless they are just broad introductions.


7.       Business – Loads of businesses are focusing their energy on creating a really good online presence so taking a business course over the internet will ensure you’re in the right mindset. Business courses will sometimes include giving presentations so you might find you have to do this via webcam.


8.       Writing – All you really need is your imagination for a writing course so it’s a no brainer that you can do it online right? Sort of. One of the great things about all writing courses is that you can share your work with your fellow students and give feedback. With these popular online courses this is still carried out but through internet forums and email instead.


9.       Web design – Another obvious one on the top ten online courses list, since it’s all about creating designs for the web. You can easily share links of good examples of web design with your tutor if you take a course online, not to mention trying out everything you learn right there and then.


10.   Art – Though this might seem like the kind of subject you can only do face to face with a teacher, there are many art classes that focus on creating artwork digitally as well as ones that will encourage you to scan in your work for critique. Sounds unusual, but so many people like doing it this way that art has made it into our top ten!


If our any of our top ten online courses have inspired you to carry out your studies online, check out our article on the things to consider before choosing your online course or start searching for courses straight away.


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