Send us your knitting fails and win
Jade O'Donoghue

Send us your knitting fails and win

The Innocent Big Knit knitting competition

First published date November 10 2015 Amended date November 10 2015

Are you the type of person that watches the Bake Off every year and curses their lack of ability in the kitchen? Or goes to see your favourite band and vows you MUST learn to play the guitar that’s been gathering dust in your garage? Yep, us too.

The one that gets us every year is Innocent’s Big Knit. This is where the famous drinks company get thousands of willing knitting fans over the UK to make little woolly hats for their smoothies. For every smoothie with a hat that gets sold, Innocent donate 25p to Age UK, who ensure that the older population are kept warm and comfortable through the winter.


Who else wishes they could knit?

Every year we get these smoothies on the editorial desk and every year we’re reminded of how desperate we are to knit and the fact that we still haven’t got round to actually doing it (shameful given we work for Hotcourses where you can actually find over 138 knitting courses!).

Anyway, on discussing it with the team, we got thinking and we wondered if other people out there might be in exactly the same predicament. So we decided we’d team up with Innocent to run a competition for anyone who has seen all the great work people have been doing towards the Big Knit and wishes they could take part...but err...can’t knit...The competition

We want you to send us pictures of your knitting fails and/or a picture of the hat you’d like to make if you could (this can be in any form – a picture from the Innocent website of the hat pattern you’ve had your eye on, a picture drawn in Paint of what you plan to make...or, just, you know, a picture of your cat because you really want your hat to look like him). Or, if even that is too much for a non-knitter to contemplate, you can also simply tell us why you feel you need these knitting lessons.


How to enter

You can send us your entries by email to me at and the best pictures/quotes will be shared on our social media pages. On December 11th we will pick the best one (according to our office judges) and the winner will get to choose a knitting course. It’s so simple and not only could you end up learning a new skill, you could help some of the older population stay warm through the winter.

The boring bit (Terms and conditions)

All entries to the Hotcourses Knitting Fails competition are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Hotcourses cannot accept any liability for loss of any entry and will try to ensure that all entries are fully acknowledged and treated in the strictest confidence. The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding the selection of the winners.

Unless otherwise stated on this form, any personal data supplied will be retained securely by Hotcourses only for as long as necessary for the purposes of Hotcourses activity.

Entry details will only be used for the purpose of communication regarding the Hotcourses Knitting Fails competition. The information provided is protected and secure in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

The awards are open to submission from everyone within the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Entries will only be accepted when submitted via the email address  Entries can be submitted no later than midnight on the 11th of December 2014.

Entries (where applicable) cannot be amended after the entry deadline has passed.

By submitting an entry, all entrants are agreeing to participate in publicity concerning the Hotcourses Knitting Fails competition funded by Hotcourses.

All entries will be vetted and verified for accuracy. Should it come to light that there are issues, whether ethical or factual, pertaining to any entry, the Hotcourses team reserve the right to withdraw that entry.

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