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The benefits of doing an Apprenticeship in London

First published date August 20 2012 Amended date August 15 2013

Ever watched The Apprentice and felt inspired by the sweeping shots of the capital and all the sharp suits? Us too! It certainly makes apprenticeships in London seem exciting and oh-so-glamourous, doesn’t it?


Obviously a regular apprenticeship doesn’t have quite such a rigorous application process and you certainly won’t be required to sit in a boardroom as Lord Sugar decides your fate. Saying this though, there is something a bit special about doing an apprenticeship in London and many people are choosing to start their career in this well-known city.


The main reason students all over the UK choose to do an apprenticeship is the idea of earning while you learn. Most apprenticeships schemes will involve you taking a wage home for your hard work. This is usually less than if you were fully qualified, to take into account your lack of experience and to pay for your training. However, in London wages are higher than anywhere else in the country so a big appeal for apprentices is that they get more money. Obviously this has to be weighed against the higher cost of living, but for some apprentices it pays to commute into the capital to get those extra pennies.


Apprentices, just like other students, are also enchanted by the excellent transport links in London – whether you want to get to work by tube, train, boat, or even Boris bike! Most people doing apprenticeships in London won’t use a car, as it’s much cheaper and easier to go by public transport. This is particularly appealing when the National Minimum Wage for apprentices is just £2.60!


Another reason why people choose to do apprenticeships in London is the huge choice. Being the capital city there are more jobs there than most big cities in the UK and a massive number of different industries. There are also lots of colleges to choose to take your apprenticeship in association with, unlike most towns in the UK that might only have two or three.


There are loads of great reasons for doing an apprenticeship anywhere in the UK, including London. The nationally recognised training, the opportunity to earn money, and the chance to develop contacts for work when you finish are just a few. To find out more about apprenticeships, check out our article on the benefits of apprenticeships where we explore them in the environmental and land-based sector. We’ve also got student stories on painting and decorating apprenticeships and one in business administration. Plus, advice site, Uni’s Not For Me has a useful fact file on apprenticeships, including a video, if you feel like you want to know more about what they are and the possibilities.



We’re sure you’re aware that you can do a plumbing apprenticeship or one in hairdressing but there are loads of other apprenticeships in London focusing on a huge number of subjects.

Here are 10 apprenticeships you (probably) didn’t know you could do in London…


1.       Youth work with Lambeth College – if you enjoy working with young people and want to get qualified, this apprenticeship is the perfect option.


2.       Live events promotion with Kensington and Chelsea College – you could be helping to put together a low-key gig for a band or assisting with the organisation of a huge festival.


3.       Fitness instructing ­with YMCS Fitness Industry Training – you’ll learn all about nutrition and exercise as you train to teach fitness.


4.       Basketball with Hackney Community College – you can expect to be shooting hoops and bouncing balls on this apprenticeship scheme.


5.       Management with Working Men’s College – The College for Women and Men – if an MBA’s not for you, get trained on the job.


6.       Trees and timber with Capel Manor College – climb trees and get to know your way around a chainsaw on this arboriculture apprenticeship.


7.       Costume design with Kensington and Chelsea College – some might assume there aren’t apprenticeships in the arts but on this one you’ll be creating clothing for TV, film and stage.


8.       Professional cookery with Westminster Kingsway College – if you’re a budding chef, where better to train than a working kitchen?


9.       Active leisure with City and Islington College – combine learning, work and fun on this apprenticeship and get involved in some outdoor activities.


10.   Jewellery design with Kensington and Chelsea College – work as a jewellery designer and get creative with traditional and modern techniques while you train.

Check out our helpful apprenticeship guides, find out more about apprenticeships and what types of apprenticeships are there.

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