7 reasons you should be learning a new language this bank holiday
Jane McGuire

7 reasons you should be learning a new language this bank holiday

Reasons to learn a second language

First published date April 25 2016 Amended date April 25 2016

Here on the Hotcourses editorial desk, we are massive advocates of packing a bag and setting off on your travels. Whether it’s a three-month sabbatical, or a three-week summer holiday, there’s nothing like buying that travel dictionary and heading to the airport.

However, we’re not just here to chat about travelling – in fact, with the May Day bank holiday’s approaching, we believe there’s no time like the present to learn the language of this year’s destination. To find out more, we turned to our friends over at HarperCollins, who definitely know a thing or two about translating those all-important phrases. Luckily, they we’re more than happy to help, and sent back their seven top tips to inspire you to take a course, grab that tiny dictionary and start exploring.

Ready for some serious holiday excitement? Read on.


1. Ease of travel

We feel that travelling abroad is made that bit easier if you learn the basic words and phrases of the country you are visiting. By learning the basics you’ll be able read maps, signposts and even ask the locals about the best walking trails and ideal places to go for that perfect view.


2. Ordering food will no longer be a struggle

We don’t know about you, but we think food is definitely an important part of holidaying and travelling. By learning the local lingo you may discover hidden gems and delicacies that are better known to the locals.

3. Ease of purchase.

Granted, most bottles have the ingredients printed in different languages, but sometimes it is better to know the basics just in case, you don’t want be buying something that you don’t need or something that could potentially be unsuitable for you.


4. You can go to new shows and watch new films!

By learning another language, you can watch new shows and films without having to bother with subtitles – who knows, you may even discover a completely different genre along the way!


5. Expanding your reading horizons

It goes without saying we at Collins are BIG book lovers. We strongly believe in the benefits of learning a different language, because at the end of the day it means more books. We are all for expanding our own personal libraries with novels, poetry, fiction and nonfiction books that have never been translated.

6. Another language is great for your personal life

Who doesn’t want to meet new people and learn new customs? Learning another language allows you to learn a lot more about the people and the country you are visiting. You can ask the locals easily and truly immerse yourself whilst holidaying. It also really helps if you are thinking of taking the plunge and relocating to a different country.


7. It looks great on your CV                                            

Potential employers see an extra language as a huge advantage when hiring new employees. It is really useful, especially when it means communicating with companies or customers abroad and if your job involves travelling. 


If you’re ready to find your perfect language course and get learning, we’ve got just what you need – over 7000 courses to choose from. So what are you waiting for? With plenty of options available, put those bank holidays to good use and thank us later!

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.