Courses for Kate and Will (and all the other new parents out there!)
Jade O'Donoghue

Courses for Kate and Will (and all the other new parents out there!)

Parenting classes inspired by the royal baby

First published date July 26 2013 Amended date August 28 2015

Royal baby fever hit Britain in the summer of 2013 with the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge on the 22nd of July and we think we speak for the entire country when we wish Kate and Will a hearty congratulations. We rushed out to buy our commemorative plate and all our talk centred on the fact that this tiny person will one day be king, but it’s easy to forget that the Duke and Duchess will actually right now be going through a lot of the same things all new parents experience.


From dirty nappies to sleepless nights, parenthood can be tough and while the royals might have more staff than the average UK household, we know that having a newborn is no easy ride. Usually we think of these people as completely different to us – living a life filled with trips across the globe and more handshaking than we’ll see in a lifetime – but when it comes to coping with babies and children, they’re actually not so different at all.


There are plenty of parenting classes here on Hotcourses for new mums and dads and these got us thinking about which courses and classes the royal couple and other parents in Britain might like to take as they get used to life with a new baby…



Parenting classes are the best place for any new mums and dads to start their education on how to bring up their little ones. You might, like Kate and Will, have lots of family giving you advice, but parenting classes are all about identifying which of it is worth following and which is based on old wives’ tales. If money is tight (which we all know it can be with a newborn in tow), have a look at Havering Adult College’s free parenting classes.



We imagine Kate will have the media hounding her to find out how she gets on with regaining her pre-baby body. We certainly don’t condone this pressure, as every mother is different when it comes to dropping the baby weight, however fitness classes might help. There are quite a few that involve taking your kids along, so if this is something you enjoy as a new mum, you could easily carry it on later in your child’s life.


Play skills

One of the best things about having a new member of the family is having fun with them and these parenting classes in play skills will help. Aimed at teaching parents how to interact with their children and how to make sure play helps with their development, we think Kate and Will might enjoy taking these and practicing what they learn with baby George.



Yoga is great during pregnancy as it can help a woman’s body deal with the physical demands giving birth places on it. However, many yoga positions are also good for new mothers too and we’re sure Kate would love to try out the downward facing dog. It helps with all round well being which will be important for the all parents while they’re busy with feeding times and getting into sleeping patterns.


Courses for kids

Most of these courses for kids focus on slightly older children, but there are few in there that are suitable for taking babies along to. Think painting, baking and outdoor activities, they’re aimed and ensuring your child not only learns something but has a lot of fun doing it. We think Kate and Will might like to take George along to these baby Spanish lessons.


Wine tasting

Sometimes you just need a break. And sometimes that break needs to include wine. We’re sure the Duke and Duchess will agree, parenting can be hard work, so if you feel like you need some ‘me-time’ then a wine tasting course is the perfect escape from the world of Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam because you have to be over 18 to do it. You’ll learn all there is to know about sampling wine and pairing it with food and you’ll be able to return to your role as parent feeling relaxed and recharged (if a little bit hungover).

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