A course for every Mum
Sydney Embray

A course for every Mum

Mothers Day courses

First published date February 25 2016 Amended date March 03 2016

Ah, Mother’s Day.  If your shopping list consists of flowers and chocolates for the millionth year in a row, you may need a little inspiration before presenting Mum with a gift. After all, mothers are some of the most important people in our lives—it’s the least we can do to come up with something a little more out-of-the-ordinary. 

As we sat down to write this article, we thought we’d get things started by looking round the office for a little inspiration. After all, we’re a pretty creative bunch right? The result was an inbox full of truly unique gift ideas, from a hug, to these two favourites.  


Eleni: 'When I was 5, my dad wanted my face to be professionally drawn for a mother’s day gift. (I have no idea why.  He’s still rubbish at presents.)I really didn’t want to be there and refused to smile (despite chocolate bribery which would totally work now), so my mum was given a really professional- looking drawing of her sulking child.My dad got it framed because it made him laugh so much.'


Chris: 'My brother and I make it a habit to get Mum something ‘interesting’ each year: one year we got her a 2-foot-tall steel pug statue.   But our most extravagant venture has to be our last minute panic Donkey horse. We knew Mum loved Donkeys but we couldn’t find anything Donkey related, so we went into Clinton cards and found this massive (to us, we were young) riding horse for kids.  It still lives there (to her partner’s embarrassment) to this day; if you press his ear he begins to play an audio of horse trotting. It takes forever to stop and has the power to scare cats.That’s probably our best, and potentially worst, gift ever.'


If, you’re having trouble finding an automated plush donkey or have left it too late to track down your local life artist, never fear: we’ve rounded up a list of HotCourses-approved gifts for the mothers in your life—truly unique, specialized gifts she’s sure to appreciate. (You can thank us later).


The new mum

If there’s anything a new mum craves, it’s a full night of sleep and some time to herself.  This Mother’s Day, give her both by taking a childcare course.  Offer to watch the kids for a day or two, and give her the rest and relaxation she deserves. She’ll  get peace of mind knowing you’re a qualified caregiver, and you’ll get the honour of being the most thoughtful—and original—gift-giver.


The sporty mum

If your mum is literally jogging between Pilate’s class and yoga, you’ve got what we’re calling a ‘sporty mum’.  You could buy her the traditional athlete’s present—socks—or take our advice and get her a course in a kind of exercise she’s never tried.  Browse any of our sports courses or give her our handpicked favourite - a martial arts course, perfect for both staying in shape and staying safe.


The crafty mum

Children of crafty mums are used to a life of bespoke Halloween costumes, handmade presents, and sewing pins in the carpet.  We’re also really grateful for the creative spirit our crafty mums have passed on to us, and a Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show her how much she’s taught you.  Give your exceptionally creative mum a new challenge to tackle in the form of a crafting course. We especially like upholstery courses as a gift, because what crafty mum hasn’t dreamt of reupholstering the sofa?


The cool mum

Oh, how we love our cool mums—always our first ‘Like’ on Facebook, always keen to learn the newest lingo (OMG, LOL), and always texting to say she loves us.  Give Mum the gift of more quality screen time with you with a course in social media.  She can learn the ins and outs of Instagram, Snapchat, and more.


The well-travelled mum

No one’s got more frequent flier miles or pictures with the world’s wonders than the well-travelled mum.  Show your gratitude for all the t-shirts, snow globes, and calls from abroad with a course in a new language!  She’ll appreciate the ability to experience her favourite places in a new way almost as much as she appreciates your thoughtfulness.


The gourmet mum

You could get mum a strawberry huller or meringue torch for Mother’s Day... but chances are she already has one in a drawer somewhere.  Gourmet mums have cooked, baked and tasted it all so they’re notoriously difficult to shop for.  Why not go all-out?  She’ll love a course in a specialised cuisine; our handpicked recommendation chocolate making.


The Grandma

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to remember the grandmothers in your life.  She raised your wonderful mum, who in turn raised you... and look how well you turned out!  Like the cool mum, grandma would love to hear from and see you more—but too often, distance and time make this difficult.  Give her the gift of connectivity with a course in computer skills!  Not only will she like learning a new skill, she’ll love the ability to say hi whenever and wherever she likes.


If you’ve got some hilarious Mother’s Day stories of your own, why not share them with us on Facebook or Twitter – we love hearing from you! Finally, to all the mothers out there, have a great day!  

Sydney Embray

Sydney is a student at London College of Fashion, and is our current editorial intern. When she isn't writing for Hotcourses or her blog she's playing guitar, cooking up a storm, or travelling Europe.