How to make the most of an in-class course
Safeera Sarjoo

How to make the most of an in-class course

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First published date June 21 2017 Amended date June 21 2017

The thought of making the most out of an experience or a course can dawn on us after the actual event. It's only then we realise the missed opportunities we could have taken.

Giving your nerves the space to grow can mean you don’t fully appreciate the class or course you’re taking. Going to an in-class course gives you incredible advantages beyond what you’re taught. Here are a few ways that you can make the most out of an in-class course.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re paying for a course, then you should be getting the most out of it. You’re there to further your learning and the worst thing that you can do for yourself is leave with gaps of knowledge. Raise your hand when you’re unsure. Get clarification when you need it. You never know you may be helping other people by raising your own hand.

Keep learning materials for the future

I was so close to throwing out handouts I got back at university and selling the books I bought for my course once I graduated. However, when it came to preparing to interview people for feature articles, my old Interviewing for Journalists book became my best friend. Every moment I got, I would refresh my mind with techniques and tips, which ultimately made me a better interviewer. You never quite know when teaching materials will come in handy, so make a file and keep them in one place so that you can always refer back to them.

Network with other attendees

We’re always so focused on what we’re going to personally gain out of a course that we forget to take note of who else is around us. If you’re attending an in-class course, it’s definitely worth mingling with other attendees. Not only will you be a friendly face and perhaps calm some nerves for people, but you may be in the company of some very interesting individuals.

Take business cards as an easy way to distribute your contact details and be sure to keep in touch and follow up with these people as you never know who they may know that can help you when you least expect it.

Get feedback

Once your class is over, you often either think about the commute home and your list of things to do before a new day dawns. If you’re in need of any feedback from the work you’ve done, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Stay back when others have left and take that extra five minutes to talk with your tutor and find out where you can improve. There’s no harm in asking for feedback – it’s what will inevitably make us the best at our craft. Tutors will be more than happy to help you as well and will see how invested you are.

Practice what you learn

I took five boxing sessions and have I practiced my techniques? Not nearly as much as I should have. Sure, it’s easy to say you remember how to do something but how can you improve and become an expert if you don’t try? Whether it’s baking, floristry or something much more textbook heavy like languages, it’s crucial you keep practicing outside of the classroom in order to really gain and enhance your skill set. After all, this is why you signed up in the first place, right?


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Safeera Sarjoo

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