Love is in the Air!
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Love is in the Air!

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First published date February 15 2012 Amended date August 21 2012

Whether you’re a fan of romance or not, there’s no denying the success of a love story on the big screen. They make us laugh, cry and dream of meeting Mr or Mrs Right as we munch our popcorn.


Here at Hotcourses we’ve been getting all lovey-dovey with our course inspiration and getting ideas from our favourite films:


You’ve Got Mail

Finding romance online? Sign us up for an IT course! Although Shopgirl and NY152 might have avoided a lot of confusion if they’d just Googled each other!


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The huge wedding and Toula’s over-the-top family made being Greek look like fun. First step, learning the language!


There’s Something About Mary

Drugging a dog is not ok, Healy! (Though admittedly his attempts to win Mary over did make us laugh!) We definitely think he could do with a dog training or pet care course!


The Artist

Tipped to win lots of awards this year, inspiration from The Artist came in the form of performing arts and film production courses. Secretly we just want a dog like Jack!


Bridget Jones’s Diary

From her huge pants to her hapless relationships, it’s great following Bridget’s love life! For those that can relate to her hang-ups though, confidence classes are a must.


Slumdog Millionaire

Everyone loves a good dance number and now we’re determined to learn the Slumdog moves on a Bollywood dance course.


Runaway Bride

It takes a high level of stamina and fitness to run away from so many grooms! Fitness classes are the best way to prepare in case the situation ever arises.



Hands up, who watched Madison and Allen’s love story and wanted to be a mermaid? Us too! That’s why we’ve been looking at swimming lessons…


Gone With the Wind

One of the most romantic films of all time? We can’t get enough of it and would love to know more about the back story on a war history course.


Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! Here we go again! Swanning around a sunny island singing your heart out? That’s our kind of holiday. We’re searching for singing courses!



Hitch is a hero when it comes to wooing people. It’d be great to learn his moves but when it all goes wrong, relationship counselling courses might be a better idea.


Lost In Translation

We loved watching Bob and Charlotte experience everything Japanese. So much that we want to take a course to learn the language and how to cook Japanese food.


The Wedding Planner

Despite her mishap of being attracted to the groom, Mary’s beautiful wedding designs have inspired us to take up wedding planning.


Dirty Dancing

We had the time of our lives watching Dirty Dancing and now to master that lift. We’re queuing up to start dance classes. Beginning with ballroom and then moving onto ballet.


If you got some good film-inspired courses to add to our list, tell us on our Facebook wall or send us a tweet! Or, if this list has got you feeling all loved up, check out and their 15 alternative dating ideas – including life drawing classes and cookery courses! Also check out our favourite free courses.


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