5 people who should take an online course
Sydney Embray

5 people who should take an online course

how you can benefit from online learning

First published date March 24 2016 Amended date March 24 2016

Online courses are the latest revelation in education, and while some may call them trendy, we here at Hotcourses know they’re here to stay.  Why are we so sure?  Who could pass up the opportunity to learn a new skill, earn a new qualification, or get a head start on studies, especially when it’s usually only offered to traditional students?  Here are five people who should definitely get online and start a course, ASAP.



You’re never too young to start learning.  In fact, the early years are the best time to learn complex creative skills like languages and music.  Kids can benefit from online courses in these subjects as well as supplementary courses in their schoolwork.  For instance, a children’s literature course may help the young student struggling to read, and an online course in maths may help foster an interest in STEM.  Shy students tend to have more success in online settings too, and the confidence they gain from that success often gives them the self-assurance to begin speaking up more at school.


University Students

Online courses are the university student’s best friend.  Now that many online courses are accredited, students can get a head start on earning their degrees for a much lower rate than traditional universities charge.  What’s more students already at university can use an online course as supplemental study – many students find it difficult to learn in a lecture setting and have much more success working with a tutor on an online course or using video classes. 


Stay-at-Home Parents

Stay-at-home mums and dads have a lot to gain from online classes.  It can be a big transition, from work to home, and online courses are a great way to stay sharp for a future transition back into the workforce.  Mums and dads can earn some extra income, too, by learning a new skill in an online course.  Crafting, music, language, and writing are all skills that can give parents the opportunity to set up an online shop, tutor, or freelance.



Retiring doesn’t have to mean the end—in fact, online learning can spell a whole new beginning for retirees.  There’s nothing quite like learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby, and this is just the way to do it.  As they’re available wherever you are (as long as there’s Internet connection), online courses bring the subject matter to you, making them fun and easy to complete. 


Now that we think of it, there isn’t a singular type of person who shouldn’t take an online course—they’re available to everyone, whatever their age.  The best way to find out if online learning is for you is to log in and try it.  We’re sure something will stick, whether you’re a student, a retiree, or anything in between.

Sydney Embray

Sydney is a student at London College of Fashion, and is our current editorial intern. When she isn't writing for Hotcourses or her blog she's playing guitar, cooking up a storm, or travelling Europe.