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How to attract bees to your garden

First published date July 18 2011 Amended date November 01 2013

As wildflowers have become scarce in the countryside, gardens can provide a stronghold for bumblebees and other wildlife such as native butterflies, if the right plants are grown. We asked the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and experts at Butterfly Conservation how keen gardeners can make their gardens attractive to UK wildlife and boost dwindling numbers…

How to attract bees to your garden
This selection of plants is great for providing pollen and nectar throughout the bumblebee season:

Flowering months – Plants

March/April- Rosemary, lungwort, bluebell, pussy willow

May/June - Honeysuckle, laburnum, geranium, viper’s bugloss

July/August - Sunflower, marjoram, delphinium

How to attract butterflies to your garden
Even gardens in the heart of the  city can entertain butterfly visitors if  full of suitable nectar plants. Lure them to your garden with these:

• Buddleia (The butterfly bush)
• Verbena Bonariensis
• Lavender
• Perennial wallflower     (Bowles’ mauve)
• Marjoram (a fragrant herb from     the oregano family)

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