Five things that might put you off learning but shouldn’t

How education has changed

Five things that might put you off learning but shouldn’t
by Updated 16/02/17
How education has changed since you were at school – it’s not the same as it once was. Education has changed and there are things that might put you off learning that shouldn’t.

Been meaning to go back to the classroom and retrain or learn something new but haven’t quite had the guts to do it yet? You’re not alone. Every day we have people getting in contact asking us how education has changed since they were last in the classroom and worrying about going back to learning. It seems that while the outcomes of taking a course can motivate (new job, new skills, wider knowledge, more confidence) there are certain issues that are proving big stumbling blocks for people potentially taking the plunge and booking that course.

So, we thought we’d put your minds at ease. Yes, education has changed and yes, taking a course can feel like a scary step, but trust us, a lot of the things you’re concerned about really aren’t that big of a deal at all. Here, Oscar and I explain why there’s nothing to be afraid of…

So now you know how education has changed and your fears have been assuaged, it’s time to find your perfect course. Have a browse of the subjects available or read more from our experts to get some inspiration.