15 things to do if you hate Halloween
Jane McGuire

15 things to do if you hate Halloween

Halloween themed courses

First published date October 21 2015 Amended date November 06 2015

Not a fan of pumpkins, fancy dress and teenagers roaming the streets asking for sweets? Join the club. As the rest of the office puts up the decorations, we sit wondering when Halloween became such a big deal and how we can get out of the ghoulish parties. If, like us, you are hoping to fast forward the festivities, rest assured all hope is not lost. Without any sort of spider webs or skeleton costumes, we have come up with 15 things to do if you hate Halloween. Enjoy.


1. Buy all the pumpkins in the supermarket and sign up to a cookery course to create some seasonal treats. You’ve saved millions of parents the longest job in the world, which they always end up finishing alone when their kids lose interest.


2. Hide in your home with all the lights off for the entire evening (and probably the entire weekend).


3. Avoid the heinous vodka jelly and Halloween punch, and spend a far more sophisticated evening at a wine tasting class. We particularly like the look of this German and Austrian themed course at The West London Wine School. 


4. Spend the evening in the cinema. Sure you will probably pass 5000 girls dressed as cats on your way home, but nobody will throw eggs at you in the dark and you won’t be subjected to an evening of scary films on the TV.


5. Think ahead to Christmas and learn how to save a fortune by making some homemade gifts. Why not get things started with this pottery course at City Lit? You’ll definitely be grateful you did as soon as The Great British Pottery Throw Down hits your TV screen...


6. Have an anti-Halloween party and enjoy the fact that a. you don’t look like a fool and b. you haven’t scratched your eyes out trying to put those awful white contact lenses in (when did they become a thing?)


7. Get inspired by the amount of sugar we are all expected to consume and go on a chocolate tasting day out. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? This tour around Mayfair looks far less spooky than anything else you might expect on Halloween.


8. Dance to Monster Mash alone in your house, just because.


9. Laugh at the poor souls dressed up with their kids on the tube.

Image via mirror.com


10. Or that one person on your news feed that tried far too hard this year.

Image via buzzfeed.com


11. Take a magic course. Dynamo is far more impressive than a haunted house, any day.


12. Spend the evening eating all the sweets you got for the non-existent trick or treaters, then panic when the doorbell goes and go back to point number two.


13. What about booking a butchery course? Kind of Halloween themed and who wants to carve a pumpkin anyway.


14. Be glad you do not have to pose in a million group shots, that you will almost definitely un-tag the next day.

Image via buzzfeed.com


15. Sigh with reflief when you realise the whole ‘holiday’ is over for another year.


We’re not bah-humbugging, honestly. In fact, to prove it, here are a few Halloween themed courses for you to take a look at. For all of you embracing the holiday, have a wonderful time and happy Halloween from all of us over here at Hotcourses!


Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.