Unusual courses you can take online
Jane McGuire

Unusual courses you can take online

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First published date March 10 2016 Amended date March 10 2016

When it comes to learning online, normally the first thing that comes to mind is the dull and difficult, traditionally academic subjects we all hated at school. Yet here at Hotcourses we have found the online possibilities truly are endless and that home learning does not have to be as stuffy as the classroom. From golf to swimming, logging in to learn is a convenient way to practise new skills without time consuming lessons. So put your maths and history books away, as we bring you the ten most unusual courses you can take online. 


Poultry farming

It’s true – you can learn how to keep chickens from the comfort of your living room. Whether you own your farm already, or are planning for a distant dream, you can now log in and learn everything from breeding to nutrition, incubation to marketing your business. With modules on the production of eggs, meat and young birds, find the farmer in you at the click of a button.


Golf coaching

Who has time these days to spend hours on the green, or take a week off for an intensive golf course? What would you say if we told you improving your backswing does not have to mean hours outside and you could actually be coached by a professional in your own time and pace? Online coaching is a great way to get the training hours in, so you are ready to wow when you get back to the green. Tee off.


Dog grooming

Learning how to pamper your pooch online sounds a little tricky, but an online dog grooming course is a great way to learn the theory behind grooming techniques, getting you ready to go on and learn the practical side first hand. Some courses go into the history of the relationship between man and his four legged best friend; others give you advice for running your own grooming business. Try something new and give your pup something to bark about this summer.


Garden design 

Unless you have Alan Titchmarsh and his dream team to hand, redesigning your garden can take months. Although a course will not change anything overnight, learning the fundamental elements of design, as well as techniques and tricks to make it happen is a great way to plan the garden of your dreams around your other commitments. What’s more, some courses will end in a qualification, helping you to turn your hobby into a career.



If you are a complete beginner, learning to ski on the slopes can easily end in Bridget Jones style disasters. Although it is unlikely you will find enough snow at home to practise outside, learning the basic techniques before you get to the Alps can often be a good way to prepare (and avoid too many embarrassing falls).



It doesn’t matter if you want to fix that leaking tap in the bathroom or train to be a fully qualified plumber; there are a number of online courses to help. With a growing demand for plumbers, learning at home is a great way to improve your job prospects and learn key principles. Some courses are suitable for complete beginners and break complicated modules down, to be studied at your own pace.


Aqua culture

Also known as the farming of water creatures for human consumption, aqua culture is a growing trade and approximately half of all the fish we eat are bred in this way. However, despite the need for fish farming, training courses can often be difficult to find. With online tuition, you can learn all about production systems, species, maintenance and fertilisation.



Pick a card, any card. Who wouldn’t want to wow their friends with a magic trick or two? The not so mysterious online magic course is an ever popular way of picking up a few tricks, though when or where you use them is up to you.



Stay with us on this one. Although practising in the bath tub is not an option for many of us, learning the theory behind a new stroke, or a life saving qualification can actually be done from the sofa. Qualified coaches will talk you through techniques from a DVD, allowing you to press pause and practise yourself when you next get to the pool. Armbands not needed.


Horse riding

Do not expect to receive a horse in the post when signing up to this course. On the other hand, do expect to learn all you need to know about equine care, horsemanship and dressage techniques. Horse riding lessons are often expensive, so learning online is a great way to further your classes and boost your confidence. Giddy up.


Inspired? We are too. Take a look at all the weird and wonderful courses on offer at our online courses for some more inspiration. Alternatively, if those academic courses are now looking slightly more appealing, we also have plenty of options to choose from.  

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.