Are these the nine best jobs in the world?
Jane McGuire

Are these the nine best jobs in the world?

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First published date August 05 2014 Amended date August 22 2014

Warning – this is not another depressing article filled with unattainable dream jobs. As much as we would all love to be a water slide tester or the caretaker of a tropical island, here at Hotcourses we thought it would be much more helpful to show you the best jobs you can actually get (and hopefully keep). So beat those Monday morning blues and take a look at the nine best jobs in the world and the courses to help you get them.


1. Chocolate taster

Yes this is actually a thing. All large chocolate companies have a team of top tasters, who spend their days identifying ingredients, tasting new combinations and inspecting chocolates to ensure they do not have any cracks or dull patches. Green and Black’s make their chocolate tasters undergo blind taste tests as part of their job interview. Did you know, women under the age of 35 are thought to have the best sense of smell and therefore make the best chocolate tasters? So if you have a sweet tooth (and a gym membership to save your waist line) this could be the job for you.

Course to help you get the job: Chocolate making


2. Professional Zombie

This may sound like a scene from The Walking Dead, but the London Dungeons actually hire zombies to scare visitors. If dressing up and spending all day in character sounds like something for you, from Disneyland to Harry Potter World, every theme park will employ actors to join their entertainment teams. It goes without saying that as well as actors, costume designers and makeup artists will also be in demand.

Course to help you get the job: Acting


3. Wine tasting

If you can tell your Pinot Noir from your Pinot Grigio and have a taste for fine wine, you could live the dream with a career in the wine industry. Wine tasters spend their time judging wine on colour and clarity, opacity, smell and taste. Although this might be a tricky job to get into, knowing your wines could easily land you a job as a wine consultant or a wine buyer.  

Course to help you get the job: Wine tasting


4. Landscape photographer

Moving from sunset to sunset, gazing into the most breathtaking landscapes and getting paid to take a photograph. Sound too good to be true – we thought so too. Photographers can earn anything between £400 and £1000 selling prints to individuals, galleries and magazines. What’s more, teaching landscape photography is a great way to make money out of your hobby.

Courses to help you get the job: Landscape photography


5. Songwriter

If like us here on the Hotcourses editorial desk, you love listening to music but don’t have the voice to go with it, consider a career in song writing. Rolling Stones magazine recently released a list of the top songs in the past few years, along with an approximation of how much the song writers were likely to have made. Adele’s career changing ‘Someone Like You’ made 3.9 million in track sales and 5.8 million in album sales; from this co-writer Dan Wilson earned a staggering $882,700 from song writing royalties. Not bad for a 330 word song.

Course to help you get the job: Song writing


6. Puppy training

Who wouldn’t want to spend all day playing with puppies? If you ask us, this is potentially one of the happiest jobs in the world. Whether you are training guide dogs, or working as an instructor at a puppy class, a love of dogs is vital in this industry. Careers with dogs involve lots of walking, playing and being outside and an experienced trainer can earn up to £20,000.

Courses to help you get the job: Dog training


7. Computer game developer

What would you say if someone offered to pay you to play Call of Duty or League of Legends all day? The games industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and to match this, game designers are in demand. Your job description would include generating ideas for new games, working on the graphics and then playing and testing them before going to market. Video design courses can be hard work, but if you love spending hours behind the remote, we are sure you won’t mind.

Course to help you get the job: Computer games design


8. Personal shopper

If you have an eye for fashion and spend most of your wages on new clothes, a career as a personal shopper could be for you. Spending your days looking at new lines and luxury fashions, as a personal shopper you put yourself in the customer’s shoes and pick out clothes for them. Every large department store or clothing brand will have a team of personal shoppers or stylist assistants, to build up a relationship with customers and help them pick out what will look and fit them best. Remember that you won’t get to take the clothes home with you, but may get a uniform allowance.

Course to help you get the job: Personal stylist


9. Event planning

Do you find yourself living for the weekend? Do you throw the best parties around? If the answer is yes, event planning could be the job that gets you out of bed on a Monday morning. An event manager will have to work well under pressure, be good at setting and sticking to a budget, be an amazing organiser and be willing to work long hours. The best part – you get to attend all the parties you plan.

Course to help you get the job: Events management


So take the plunge and try a course and who knows - you could find yourself landing the best job in the world. 

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.