15 ways to feel like you are at a music festival (without actually being at one)
Jane McGuire

15 ways to feel like you are at a music festival (without actually being at one)

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First published date June 29 2015 Amended date June 29 2015

Whether it’s Glastonbury, Reading or V-festival you are missing this year, we feel your pain. As much as you persuade yourself you don’t mind not getting tickets, or being unable to take the time off work, as soon as the coverage airs, the festival blues set in. To help ease you out of the music filled depression, we’ve come up with 15 ways to feel like you are at a music festival, without actually being at one.


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1. Do a survival course – you’ll be putting up a tent like a pro in time for next year and will feel all outdoorsy. If it helps, drag loads of your friends along and take photos of each other failing with tents.


2. Camp in your back garden. Put those new skills into practice and live outside for a weekend, even if it rains.


3. Wear wellies everywhere. Yes, we mean everywhere. Even if it’s 30 degrees and you need to go to Sainsbury’s for more barbeque supplies – keep them on.

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4. Learn how to play a musical instrument, get your friends round (maybe top them up with a drink or two) and sing along to the live music on the radio.


5.  Pick flowers at every opportunity – wear them in your hair/beard until you resemble a bouquet, or just try and pull off one of those plait hair bands.

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6.  Break every deckchair you own (or just lock them in your garden shed) and sit on the floor, even if it’s muddy and waterlogged.


7.  Play the radio at full blast, constantly – you’ll get to hear everyone without the chaos of running between stages (every cloud right?)


8. Have a silent disco.


9.Go on a crafts course and learn how to make some super cool friendship bracelets – festival wristbands are so 2009 anyway.


10. Take a moment to be grateful you are not using a portaloo.


11. Buy a whole new festival inspired wardrobe. Embrace the boho/hippie vibe in the office – who cares?

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12. Don’t wash your hair for a few days and go overboard on dry shampoo. (Again, we don’t actually recommend this one).


13. Go on a wine tasting course and remember what wine tastes like when you are not drinking it from a box, at 10am.


14. Pack all your belongings into a really massive rucksack, walk round the block and then put it down. You’ll feel like you have done the heinous car to campsite walk.


15. OR have three showers a day just because you can, watch the entire thing from the comfort of your living room and think of all the money you have saved.


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Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.