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Learn to be eco

Environmental protection training

First published date April 11 2012 Amended date August 28 2015


For many people, being eco-friendly does not come easy to start with. There is a lot of re-programming involved in order to remember to do things to help with environmental protection, like separate your rubbish or turn off the light when you leave the room. Though these things seem obvious now, we’ve actually had to learn to accept them into our routines over time so that we can all protect the environment.


Learning how to be conscious of your environmental impact can be done at home, but there are also loads of courses out there to teach you things you might not have thought of before that will help you contribute to environmental protection.


Get creative with your environmental protection

One big issue facing the environment is the amount of waste we produce. A lot of this can be recycled and most councils have a method for doing this, however if you’ve got things to throw out that won’t go in the recycling bins, ask yourself, “Is there something creative I can do with this?”

Many old items can be turned into beautiful new things and there are courses that promise to turn your junk into decorations for clothing and hats so you are not creating more waste. If you want to go the whole hog though, there are workshops to teach you how to make whole eco garments from scratch.


Save money, save the planet

A lot of supermarkets are now charging for bags at the checkout in their bid to encourage us to reuse. In not using a plastic bag, you are contributing towards environmental protection so why not bring your own? That way you save money too. Our reviewer, Helen True went on a sewing course to make a shopping bag and now has her own answer to the plastic carrier.

Another way you can easily be kind to the environment and save money is if you are scrapping your car. Many scrapping services have now gone eco friendly and will ensure that the parts are reused in other vehicles. Metal Monkey Recycling is one such company and Steve Whipp who works for them believes everyone has a responsibility to the environment, “Everyone can play their part, reusing rather than throwing away and ensuring that they are buying parts, even second hand parts, from companies that have tried their best to minimise their impact on the planet.”

With the money saving aspect of environmentally friendly car scrapping, it’s very appealing, “There are lots of reasons why we should recycle, but when considering a car the economic benefits to all involved are much more apparent. Reusable parts are cheaper than buying new and can be the difference between an economic repair and a decision that a car is no longer worth saving.” A vehicle maintenance course might be useful if you’re making decisions about the reusability of your car parts.


Grow your own and reduce your carbon footprint

If you’re hoping to reduce your carbon footprint, vegetable growing courses will ensure you have everything you need to feed your family in your own garden. They run through the basics of gardening and also look at which vegetables are in season at certain times of the year.

But, for those who are really not green fingered, there are bookable personalised gardening lessons on the site, which will teach you how to grow your own in your very own back garden.


If you’re willing to take the time to learn, there is so much out there that you can do to change the impact your lifestyle makes on the environment and ensure that you are doing your bit for environmental protection. Steve Whipp says, “For every item we no longer need we should be making the decision to dispose based on the basic 3 R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.” Though this can be hard to train your brain to do, there are so many eco friendly courses out there which are fun, creative and filled with helpful tips and advice.


We can all be part of saving the planet. We just have to learn how.

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