Courses you can do when the kids are asleep
Safeera Sarjoo

Courses you can do when the kids are asleep

Courses you can do whilst the kids are asleep

First published date July 07 2016 Amended date July 07 2016

We know how important down time is in the evening. The kids are asleep and you’re finally able to enjoy a relaxing bath or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Everyone has an interest or two that doesn’t always tie in with their day jobs and as tempting as it is to switch off and unwind, this could be the perfect time to claim back your evenings and do something for yourself with one of our courses.

Paint like Picasso

Who says painting only has to be for kids? Explore your artistic side with a watercolour painting course where you can create colourful wonders in the quiet comfort of your own home. Develop your own style and learn more about tones and textures that allow you to create more than just colourful handprints.

Counselling with compassion

Access to counselling is being implemented across so many sectors, which naturally means there is a demand for good quality, considerate and knowledgeable professionals. If you have a nurturing side and you thrive on helping people facing difficulties, then using time in the evening to read around the subject and absorb material that helps to make you a great counsellor is definitely time well spent.

Reiki; What is it all about?

Why not master a new skill and learn the art of Reiki? This is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and promotes healing. The term Reiki is a combination of two words; ‘Rei’ meaning God’s wisdom or higher power and ‘ki’ meaning life force energy. The whole concept of Reiki is based on the idea that there is a ‘life force energy’ within us all and at times when our energy is low, we can be prone to getting sick and feeling stressful. If you’re a believer in spiritual healing, then this may be an interesting course to explore as the sun sets.

Your passport to the world

One of our more popular choices, we hear how much people want to take up a new language but simply cannot find the time to commit. Whether you’ve been inspired to learn Japanese from a recent holiday or want to learn Spanish for professional reasons, spending your evenings immersing yourself in a new language will bring you less distractions and more time to broaden your knowledge.

Wine Tasting

If you ever needed an excuse for opening a bottle of wine after a long day then this is it. Courses equip you with even more knowledge when it comes to serving, pairing and tasting wine, which among connoisseurs will stand you in good stead. Some courses will even take you on a virtual tour of vineyards and take you right into the heart of the wine making process. So grab your favourite bottle and thank us later.

Write a bestseller

We love having a lively office here at Hotcourses but despite the high octane energy and the passion we have on the editorial desk, writer’s block can strike. We imagine that if you have a similar passion for creative writing and live a very busy life, it can be difficult to gather your thoughts or even channel that creative energy. So why not pursue your knack for creative writing in the evening? It’s incredible what kind of work you can produce and where your thoughts will take you with a bit of alone time.


We’ve given you a flavour of what’s on offer, but if you have other interests, then why not run your own search? If you’re in need of inspiration then browse our subjects and see what takes your fancy!

Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera is Editor of Whatuni and a journalist from Kingston University. Always the inquisitive, her writing spans across a number of areas such as sustainability, fashion, lifestyle and now education. Her belief that you never stop learning and passionate nature has taken her to New York City as part of her degree and across the airwaves on national radio talking about the issues that matter to her.