Wave goodbye to the games
Jane McGuire

Wave goodbye to the games

Courses inspired by the summer of sport

First published date July 31 2014 Amended date August 12 2014

As the twelve days of excitement draws to a close, the 71 Commonwealth nations start their journeys home and 15,000 volunteers return to their day jobs. The excitement of the Commonwealth Games might be over for another four years, but the summer of sport is just getting started over here at Hotcourses.

Whether you want to try something new, get back into an old sport or just have fun and get fit this summer, we have thousands of sports courses for you to get involved in. With everything from hockey to horse riding, there really is something for everyone. On the Hotcourses editorial desk, we have been hooked on the Glasgow excitement since Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle sang in the opening ceremony. We believe this is the perfect time to get inspired, so have put together our favourite events to give you some extra motivation.



The most ancient of human contests, athletics requires you to run faster, jump higher and throw further than your competitors. We hardly recognised the transformed Hampden Park football stadium, home to this year’s thrilling 100 metre sprint. Moreover, there was nothing more awe inspiring than the games ultimate endurance test, as the world’s best athletes ran the 42 mile marathon around Glasgow. If you want to run, skip, hop and jump into athletics this summer, dig out your trainers and take a look at the courses on offer.



Thirteen weight categories and thirteen gold medal winning champions, not many of us are brave enough to watch the boxing, let alone step inside the ring. Impressively, this year marked the first women’s boxing competition included in the programme, with flyweight, lightweight and middleweight females using strength, skill and speed to beat their opponent. This is not a sport we recommend trying at home, so why not try on the gloves and have a go with a boxing course?



Did you know the fastest speed a person has ever gone on a bike is 167 miles per hour? We all held our breath along with the audience sat in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, as the world’s fastest track cyclists pedalled to their limits around the track. And that was not all, with the road trials passing through the iconic city and the mountain bikes at Cathkin Braes Country Park. Have a go at the adrenaline filled sport and get on your bike with a cycling course.  



The event that made us all wish we had continued our gymnastics lessons as children, it is never too late to get inspired and get back on the beam. As we watched the perfectly timed moves at the JECC Precinct, we found it impossible to choose the winner as gymnasts moved gracefully across the floor and vaulted across the pommel. Did you know that the benefits of gymnastics include strength, flexibility and coordination? At the same time, the life of the gymnast is not easy and it has been proven that competitors have just as many injuries as contact sports such as rugby and football, so make sure you get trained properly before trying technical moves.



Judo is a modern martial art which has grown in popularity over the years. With fourteen weight categories, we watched the male and female athletes use physical strength to control and dictate their opponent’s movements. The aim of the game is to score points by throwing your opponent to the ground, immobilising them with arm locks, holds or strangles. Again, this is not one to try on your friends (or younger siblings), but why not sign up to a judo course together and practise the art with profession tuition?



By far our favourite event, swimming and diving has featured in every Commonwealth Games since they began in 1930. The years of training and hundreds of hours of practice in the pool all comes down to one event, with a fraction of a second being the difference between gold and silver in some races. Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to get in the water this summer, or a competent swimmer hoping to improve your technique with a course, here at Hotcourses we’ve got it covered.


So now the games are over, turn off you TV, get outside and try something new. What’s more, with the kids’ holidays approaching, take inspiration from the games and get them signed up to a sports course this summer. 

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.