Confidence and Self Expression
Claire Schrader

Confidence and Self Expression

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First published date March 01 2012 Amended date October 31 2013

Q. What qualifications route did you take to realise your career?

I did it the hard, slow way. I started out in nursing, then did a degree in English Literature  – which is where I started doing drama – and it was here that I overcame my shyness. I then went into the theatre and achieved many of my professional goals, performing, writing and teaching in drama schools . But also along the way hit some obstacles and out of that started doing personal development work which enabled me to overcome these. As a result, my interests starting shifting to the personal development aspect of drama and its capacity to unlock potential. I trained in dramatherapy – and then started developing a particular approach for individuals who were struggling with the kinds of challenges that I had had and were highly motivated to change these.


Q. Please explain in detail what students will learn during your Confidence and Self Expression course.

They will learn how to free themselves of inhibitions, how to release stress and tension, how to play more in life so they can have more fun in social situations. They will also start to discover the authentic confidence that lives inside them. Depending on what course they are doing they will also have an opportunity to work on an area of personal difficulty. They will learn a lot about themselves, what their assets are – and they may be surprised to find they have a talent in area they thought was barred to them.


Q. What’s the first thing you teach your students?

How to bypass their analytic brain and access their intuitive creative intelligence. When they grasp this, this can make an enormous difference to their personal confidence and the way they operate in life.


Q. What qualities do you need to succeed in your industry?

Being motivated to bring about change, and being willing to stick with it.


Q. What are the benefits of studying this Confidence and Self Expression course?

Greater self confidence in all aspects of life  - personal and professional. The ability to be spontaneous and respond naturally in the moment to any given situation.  Greater ease in communication and the abilty to communicate a powerful message simply and effectively. Greater freedom in self expression and of “being more yourself”. Release of stress and emotional tension.  Overcome depression and low self esteem.   Ability to have more fun in life.


Q. Please explain why you love your subject.

I love seeing people walk into their first session frozen with fear, and often a few sessions later they are expressing themselves with ease as if it was the most natural thing for them to do.


Q. Can you describe a typical day in your working life?

This varies tremendously. I run a lot of my events either at weekends or in the evenings. Day time I am responding to enquires and seeing people for individual sessions, or designing new courses. I also run events in Greece, Isle of Wight, Portugal and Northern California.


Q. What advice do you have for people interested in studying a course like Confidence and Self Expression?

The sooner you get started the better. Many people tell me they wish they’d discovered this years ago.


Q. How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been doing this for 15 years but  this is based on 10  or more years before that being involved in theatre and personal development.

Q. What do you think is the most important skill required to do your job? 

Creating a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere so people can free themselves of their critical mind – which is generally what is blocking their self expression – and making it fun.


Claire Schrader

Claire Schrader is a specialist in confidence and self expression and has developed one of the fastest ways for quiet, reserved and inhibited people to break out of their shell and develop an effortless self-confidence. She started out in life as a shy violet until she discovered the way out through drama, theatre and improvisation and has been running her groups and courses for the last 15 years, helping people like her achieve their personal and professional goals. She runs Improvisation for Self Expression and Confidence Course, Breakthrough Courses, Performance Courses and Finding Your Voice Course. She creates a very safe place for her students to break out of their shell at their own pace and in their own way.