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First published date March 08 2013 Amended date April 22 2015

When you are applying for a course, it is important to know what qualification you will receive from it, and what organisation will be awarding the qualification. There are many awarding organisations, but if you are looking to work in human resources (HR) and want to take a HR course, you may see CIPD listed as the awarding body. Human resource practitioners have many responsibilities which can include recruitment, planning the company or organisation’s personnel needs and working as part of a team to help with any work or personal problems so CIPD HR courses are a great starting point.


What is CIPD?

CIPD stands for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and it is the largest network of HR professionals in Europe. It has been around since 1913 and it achieved Chartered status in 2000. The brand currently has over 135,000 members.


What courses are accredited by CIPD?

As an awarding organisation, the CIPD accredit many courses, and a CIPD qualification often leads the way to a professional membership with the CIPD. There is a range of full and part time courses, as well as those that can be studied online or by distance learning. Taking CIPD HR courses is an excellent way to promote yourself and put yourself a step ahead of others when applying for jobs. There are different levels of courses that are available from the CIPD - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.


CIPD Level 3 Foundation Qualification

These qualifications are ideal for those of you looking to have a broad knowledge and a wide range of skills relevant to the HR industry. Upon completion, you may decide you want to progress and study at Intermediate level.


CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Qualification

If you are hoping to work in HR, then the Intermediate qualification is ideal for you. Level 5 Intermediate qualifications are recognised at undergraduate level and will help you to develop your skills and knowledge.


CIPD Level 7 Advanced Qualification

For those hoping to become HR practitioners, Level 7 Advanced qualifications are designed for you. Advanced qualifications are set at postgraduate level and so you will be developing your critical analysis skills and your problem-solving techniques, as well as learning about creative HR solutions that will help you and your workplaces performance.


Whether you are looking to improve your HR practice skills, management skills or are hoping for a career move into HR, a CIPD accredited course will mean you are on a path to joining the largest HR network, and will be an ideal way to begin your HR career and to develop your skills. If this has inspired you and you think HR might be something you would like to work in, have a browse through the CIPD HR courses on offer.

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