Courses you (probably) never knew you could take online
Jade O'Donoghue

Courses you (probably) never knew you could take online

Even we were surprised with this selection!

First published date May 29 2013 Amended date March 10 2016

When we say online courses, the image is usually conjured up of someone sat at a computer, reading, maybe typing a bit, and generally sat in silence. The best online courses are convenient, as you can gain that qualification around your existing commitments, and they’re usually a bit cheaper than courses that involve attendance at a venue, but fun? Not really.


Well actually, that’s not strictly true. In fact there are loads of fun online courses to be taken and most of them in subjects you might not initially think would lend themselves to online learning. In the age of laptops, tablets and smartphones though, anything really is possible and suddenly that dream of learning to navigate a boat doesn’t have to be over just because you don’t live near the sea.


Every day we’re surprised by the interesting courses we find here on Hotcourses so we thought we’d give you a quick run down of some of the most best online courses we’ve found, including some that we still have our doubts it’s even possible to take with just a screen and a keyboard…



Reflexology, being a subject that’s quite hands on, doesn’t instantly seem like something that can be studied online. However this course will cover all the theory without you having to go near a pair of feet. It might be handy to get a friend or family member to practice on before you go out and charge for your reflexology services though!


Bushcraft and wilderness

Who says you need a wood or forest to learn some survival skills? This is one of the best online courses we’ve found since we can’t think of any two more opposite environments than the forest and your study at home. You’ll sit in the very heart of civilisation learning all there is to know about staying alive when it all collapses or when you next end up lost in the wilderness.


Navigation and seamanship

Navigation and seamanship courses may conjure up images of the great ocean, or learning by the sea, but this online course can actually be taken anywhere, so the fact that the nearest seaside is a good hour’s drive away is no longer an issue. It’s mainly about preparing you for the water before you actually get in/on it.


Belly dancing and hip hop

Dance classes, in general, involve a lot of movement and getting your pulse pumping. Usually sitting at a computer is the exact opposite. Therefore the best way to think of this belly dancing and hip hop class is the same way you’d think of an exercise video – as long as you have enough space around your computer, there’s nothing to stop you learning online.


Dog training

If you’ve got a dog who won’t behave to the point where you don’t trust him to socialise nicely with other mutts, an online dog training course could be just thing. You, your pooch and the computer – what could go wrong? There are also online courses that will train you to teach dog agility to other owners.


Singing lessons

For anyone who is petrified of the Simon Cowell style rejection that can come with singing in front of other people, these singing lessons via Skype are perfect. You’ll be coached in all the most important techniques for singing as well and can even be assisted in designing your website and creating a set list. These are the best online courses for shy singers.


Fire safety

Fire safety might seem like something that should be taught face to face since it’s quite a serious subject, but actually, it’s possible to do it through online videos. You will have interaction with an actual person by video link so you can ask any questions you might have regarding your own fire safety requirements.


Indian cookery

When we really thought about this one, it does seem quite obvious – you can get recipes online, watch instructional videos for the kitchen, and even purchase your ingredients with your computer, so why not take a cookery course online? Sudhir offers tuition in Indian food as well as fun online courses in playing the violin.


These are just a small sample of our best online courses – there are a whole host of them out there that you’ve probably never even thought of. If you’ve got something in mind, run a search on our online page to see if it’s possible to do it with just your computer for company. 

Jade O'Donoghue

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