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Bekah Leonard

How to make cupcakes, by YouTube

Best cupcake vloggers on YouTube

First published date December 15 2014 Amended date December 15 2014

Whether it’s making them, eating them or watching other people make them (ahem, Great British Bake Off), we’re all mad for cupcakes. But how to crack into the ever-sweet, ever-saturated world of baking gourmet treats? Before you commit to an evening course, Bekah Leonard from Unis Not for Me gave us a heads up on how YouTube can help us best whet our appetites.

Cupcakes have, in the last few years, basically taken over the world. Something about the cute, multi-coloured, perfectly swirled icing has endeared them to our hearts and stomachs..

It all began back when the Great British Bake Off became the nation’s favourite TV programme and it’s safe to say the cupcake craze it yet to wear off. I find that when there’s a new food craze it becomes my upmost priority to attempt it myself ASAP. The past month has also been full of mug cakes as a result of this impulse.

So how can you hop on the band wagon and start making your own yummy baked goods? I do believe I have succeeded in pretty much perfecting cake pops and here’s how…


No don’t look at me like that, I’m serious. While baking courses, lessons, books are all fabulous, they can be a little pricey. Especially if you need more than one…piping does NOT come naturally to all. I turned my attentions to online tutorials, and thus my new relationship with YouTube has begun.

There is an entire genre on the video sharing site dedicated to helping you bake, all for free in your own home. All you need is the internet and a kitchen, and I promise it’s easier than DIY Ikea furniture. Promise.

Here are my all-time favourite YouTube baking gurus for you to try yourself!



I honestly can’t sing this woman’s praises enough. She is a God sent baking angel. Elise has taught me pretty much everything I know, and it didn’t take long to catch on to her way of baking.

With simple, clear and short tutorials for every aspect of baking Elise makes it extremely easy to learn with her. She’s also brilliant at replying to questions in her comments section below the video.

Her channel shows you how to do the simple things like colour fondant, pipe icing, melt candy melts, as well as create incredible edible creations. You’ll find it’s much easier than you would think after watching Elise go through the motions.

I think the icing on the cake (I’m sorry but I had to put it in somewhere) is her accent. Thick with Australian goodness, it’s impossible not to absorb her baking knowledge.


Joy of Baking

joy of baking

Joy of Baking is a channel designed for the technical, sophisticated, professional baker within you. Stephanie Jaworski is a lovely lady who definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the kitchen.

While some baking channels are quite casual and comedic, novelty even, Stephanie takes her teaching very seriously and all the final products are made to impress.

This isn’t just about cupcakes and cake pops either, Stephanie is also a pro at tarts, brownies, tray bakes, occasion cakes, cookies, pretty much anything you could think of and after a lot of practice and patience you will be too!


Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

how to make cupcakes

Gemma is quite simply, fabulous. All her cakes are totally over the top, colourful, delicious and best of all – easy.

Gemma built her channel around making the eccentric, bold food for the adventurous baker in you. Not only does she make completely heavenly looking cupcakes, but she also specialises in fudge, cookies, homemade ice cream and much more.

My favourite thing about Gemma is that she makes it her goal to find the easiest, most simple way of creating these funky designs so that you can recreate them in your own kitchen having been taught by the Bigger Bolder Baker herself through the wonders of the internet.



Food Wishes

how to make a cake

Chef John is a mysterious, magical man who we hear yet never see. As he says, the food is the only star of his videos.

With over 800 recipes on YouTube, it’s highly unlikely not to be a video on what you want to learn how to make.

Though John doesn’t just focus on baked goods, you can also learn how to make delicious savoury dishes until you’ve become an all-round kitchen wizard!


Rosanna Pansino – Nerdy Nummies

how to make a cake

This is Ro, and she is one of the coolest human beings you will ever come across. Her YouTube channel is full of professional looking, yummy treats that have one thing in common. NERDINESS.

All of Ro’s tutorials are based on some form of awesome thing. Harry Potter cake pops, Star wars cupcakes, science cookies, Adventure time brownies, video game cakes!

Enter a world of 8-bit and come out a few stone heavier thanks to Ro and her super-easy to follow tutorials!

And that, ladies and gents, bakers and chefs, is a list of my very favourite baking channels on YouTube. After watching them a few times and practising yourself you’ll be ready to show off your skills or even take it to the next level with a real class in the future! 


Ready to bake up a storm? Take a peek at our Cake Decorating, Cake Making and Cupcake courses and put Mary Berry to shame! 

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