The top ten apprenticeships in the UK
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The top ten apprenticeships in the UK

Apprenticeships in the UK

First published date January 15 2013 Amended date August 16 2013

There are so many great reasons for doing an apprenticeship – you can earn while you learn, you will meet lots of contacts which could help in the future, and the training is recognised all around the country. There are a huge number of different apprenticeships in the UK that cover a wide range of industries and cover varying levels (young apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships), so we’ve put together a list of our top ten apprenticeships with some information that you could find helpful.


1.       Business apprenticeships

Business is an extremely popular subject so it is no wonder it is in our list of top ten apprenticeships in the UK. Business covers a huge area of different topics, and so whether you are looking for an apprenticeship in accountancy, business administration or team leadership, there are a huge range of business apprenticeships for you to browse through when making your decision.


2.       Retail apprenticeships

Retail is a fast-paced environment that is constantly growing and evolving and an apprenticeship in retail will give you the skills you need to work in such an environment. Apprenticeships in retail could see you working on a stall, in a small independent shop or in a chain or large department store. It is helpful if you have previous retail experience when applying for this type of apprenticeship.


3.       IT apprenticeships

IT is one of the fastest growing industries so it wouldn’t be a top ten list of apprenticeships without it. Whether you are hoping to work with computers as an IT technician or if you want to build on your IT knowledge, an apprenticeship in IT and the web will be a great start to your career.


4.       Health care and social care apprenticeships

Previous experience in a health and social care workplace is often required before you start an apprenticeship in this area, though some employers will take you on without it. You’ll develop your knowledge of healthcare and learn how to provide care and assistance for individuals to industry standards.


5.       Childcare apprenticeships

Working with children is obviously a huge responsibility, and so if you looking at apprenticeships in childcare, you will need to make sure you have an up-to-date CRB. Apprenticeships in childcare vary, but they are very beneficial if you already work with children of any age and childcare apprenticeships can pave the way for you if you are hoping to become a nursery nurse, crèche assistant or something similar.


6.       Beauty apprenticeships

Beauty therapy apprenticeships cover a wide range of areas, including make-up, facials and manicures and other areas such as health and safety and customer care. You might find yourself working in a salon or with a mobile beauty therapist. If you want to go further in the industry there are options for taking more advanced beauty apprenticeships in the UK or a foundation course if you feel that is the right path for you.


7.       Catering apprenticeships

In the hospitality sector, catering is a hugely popular apprenticeship. Whether you are hoping to go into the management side of things or working in a kitchen, an apprenticeship in catering will teach you about general health and food safety in the workplace, as well as teaching you about planning menus and working with a team.


8.       Vehicle maintenance apprenticeships

If you are hoping to have a career as a mechanic, taking a vehicle maintenance apprenticeship is an excellent step as it is such a practical, hands-on career. You will learn about vehicle mechanics and their systems and work to an industry standard to ensure cars are safe and road worthy.


9.       Construction apprenticeships

Construction apprenticeships in the UK cover a wide range of areas, from plumbing to plastering, bricklaying to decorating. Like most apprenticeships, they are very practical although most providers will expect you to demonstrate a good level of maths and English. Whatever area of the industry you are hoping to get into, a construction apprenticeship will give you the employability skills you need to have a long career.


10.   Carpentry apprenticeships

In taking a carpentry apprenticeship aside from learning about how to work with wood, you will be able to learn first hand about health and safety, as well as the practical skills such as putting up work platforms. Carpentry apprenticeships could see you working on a building site, where you would have the chance to cut roofs, install units and floor joists among other things.


Apprenticeship programs give you the chance to really get stuck in and many people find that they learn more whilst they are learning on the job, as well as enjoying the benefit of being paid to learn. If your choice isn’t one of our top ten, have a browse through our other apprenticeship courses to find the right one for you or find out more about apprenticeships from our useful apprenticeship articles:

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