Student Story: Business Administration Apprenticeship
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Student Story: Business Administration Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship in Business Administration

First published date July 15 2011 Amended date November 07 2013

Knowing that university wasn’t the path for her, apprentice Clelia tells us about her positive experience of on-the-job training instead…

Name:  Clelia Allen
Institution: Redbridge College
Course: Apprenticeship in Business Administration

After leaving college I knew immediately that I didn’t want to take the university route, so I decided to enrol on an Apprenticeship in Business Administration at Redbridge College and I haven’t looked back since. I chose the Apprenticeship as I am able to work while I learn and I am learning new skills every day. I love working here as the people are so friendly; I really can’t sing my teacher’s praises enough. She is always there for me when I need help and she is very honest with all her students.
Studying in this manner is very different to anything I have ever done before, but the course is laid out in a very simple way and my units are integrated into my daily tasks. I will have the opportunity to organise and prepare team meetings and be trained on all office equipment and computer programs in the future. These skills will be easily transferable to other jobs in the future, so I think that they are invaluable. The Apprenticeship scheme offers a great opportunity for young people to acquire valuable skills and offers an alternative to university, as it offers the opportunity to learn and earn.
The best thing about this Apprenticeship is that everything I need is in-house. My classes take place in the College and the teachers are around during the week checking that I’m happy and ensuring that I have all the support I need. I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship, especially to people who want to train on the job. I hope to continue a career in education and have considered becoming an English teacher.

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