20 things to learn in your twenties
Jane McGuire

20 things to learn in your twenties

20 things to learn in your twenties

First published date July 21 2015 Amended date October 27 2015

Your twenties – a time where you are expected to shake off those university days and act like the grown up you don’t really want to be. From first jobs, new homes and big breakups, your twenties are a time of uncertainty. Still unsure what you should be doing? That’s ok. Have a read of these twenty lessons you should learn in your twenties.

1. How to find your first proper job. Newsflash, it probably won’t be perfect but you’ve got the rest of your career to work that out. Need a helping hand? Learn how to write a killer CV and cover letter in a weekend at City Lit.


2. How to save money, budget and pay your own bills. Stuck with this one? Why not take a personal finance course? It might save you a pound or two (or just make you feel like things are slightly more under control).


3. That you will be far happier when you stop competing with your friends and remember that life is not a race. We’ve all got that one friend who walked into the perfect job after graduating and earns three times more than we ever will, but who cares?


4. That all exercise does not have to be torture. (No really, it doesn’t). Don’t believe us? Why not sign up to a fitness course and find your sport.


5. How to travel on your own – from getting to the airport to navigating yourself around a new city, you’ll discover a whole load of things about yourself along the way.


6. That rejection is a part of life. Everybody gets dumped, stood up and told no. It WILL get easier and you won’t care as much by the time you are thirty.


7. That you really are what you eat. Now you’ve moved out of home it’s time to learn how to cook a really good meal from scratch. Not including beans on toast or scrambled egg. If you are lost for inspiration and YouTube isn’t helping, take a look at this Pizza and Pasta making evening course at Westminster Adult Education and say goodbye to the delivery guy.


8. How to make a decent cup of tea or coffee. If you can’t you will make enemies quickly when it’s your turn to do the office tea round.


9. How much water you really should be drinking. No seriously, you probably aren’t getting enough. Water will make a serious difference to your skin, body and mind, so drink up!


10. How to read a wine menu and order something other than the house white. Learn to order like a pro and take a wine tasting course.


11. Talking of wine, your twenties is the time to learn your limits. Nobody wants to be the one dancing on the table at the work Christmas party, or getting to the office at 9am with a hangover.


12. That you will regret not wearing sun cream in a few years time. Look after your skin. Whilst on the subject, learn how to cleanse tone and moisturise to your skin type and stick to it. You won’t regret it, we promise.


13. That paying full price for that little black dress or suit that makes you look amazing is a worthwhile investment, however much it costs. You can’t put a price on a go-to item for your next job interview.


14. How to speak another language. Yes it means giving up an evening a week, but it will open doors to travel opportunities and is a cool way to meet new people.


15. That is really is ok to still not know what you want to be doing in five years time.


16. How to bake a cake, without a recipe. If you still don’t know how to fold, or beat an egg, why not spend a Saturday at South Thames College and be Great British Bake Off ready.


17. To do something that terrifies you or pushes you out of your comfort zone – you’ll discover more about yourself than you realised.


18. The importance of flossing. No really.


19. How to actually take a decent photograph, worth framing or sharing with your friends on Facebook. Need some more help with this one? We love the look of this getting started course at Morley College – perfect if you still don’t know how to turn your digital camera on.


20. Learning simple household jobs to avoid paying for a locksmith, plumber or electrician. (Warning, it’s usually safer to not Google it and actually call a professional).


Are you in your twenties? How many of these have you ticked off? And have you got any you’d like to add? Drop us a tweet or comment below and let us know!

Jane McGuire

Jane McGuire received her BA (English) from the University of Loughborough. A yoga enthusiast with a sweet tooth, in her spare time you will probably find Jane in the gym or online shopping.