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Great course, excellent support

Shortly after starting a new job as a shop manager it was suggested that I compl...more

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Complete waste of time
by Elizabeth - June 2016

I have started this course months ago and have had problem after problem. My assessor has delayed feeding back to me, there is never anyone answering the phones and the epearl site which is used doesn't let you delete any uploaded evidence if it needs changing or has been uploaded in the wrong section. . I have wrote letters of complaint to only receive a standard letter replying with no answers or help on how to sort these problems The whole set up of the course is unorganised and confusing, even my assessor has said this. I am going to have to pay again to complete my course with someone else. I have spent hours and hours trying to upload evidence, change and rename things to make it clear for my assessor, but every time I have failed due to uploads being unable to play and nothing can be deleted or changed. I have been set up a second account because of this problem and to resubmit my work. This was so time consuming and the problem has started again and I cant upload my evidence, or I can, but it wont play. WASTE OF TIME. I have also tried to submit it via emails and the emails got misplaced and my assessor only received evidence for 2 questions and I sent the whole unit.

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shocking provider please stay clear
Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) (QCF) Level 3
by Solomon - May 2016

Shocking is the only word I have for them. Poor course material, no communication , it takes them a week to respond to an email, can't get hold of a tutor, they purposefully refer our assignments for no reason. safe your time and study elsewhere, absolute con artists. Don't believe me and you will find out after one week. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE.

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Great course, excellent support
Retail Management
by Rich - May 2016

Shortly after starting a new job as a shop manager it was suggested that I complete a course in retail. I needed something flexible, that could be completed via distance learning, ideally online. Having found Stonebridge I enrolled and started studying. The course was in manageable units and was easy to follow, but did involve some challenging assignments too. Due to an illness I had to stop studying for a while, but Stomebridge happily extended my schedule without hassle or charge once I explained the situation to them. I eventually completed my course and received both my Stonebridge and NCFE certificates, wish proudly hang on my wall. Having now left retail management, after a successful time I have decided upon a change of career direction and have just enrolled in their Level 3 QCF Foot Health Practitioner course, with a view to using it as a stepping stone to study podiatry at uni next the age of 39!

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Terrible, awful, shocking and passive aggressive cutoner service
Health and Social Care (Adults) Diploma (QCF) Level 3
by Nikeeta - March 2016

I've been studying with stonebridge almost a year now and recently they changed their study platform. I'm now receiving spam emails that's not relevant to me. Emails about making payment for my course so I can start studying or my account will permanently close. I got this email every day for a month despite calling them about it. I called this morning to find out why I couldn't access my studies and I had to call four times because it kept going to voice mail. When I finally got through to someone she put me through to the voice mail line again, I hung up and called back, I explained that she put me through to voice mail, she cut me off in mid sentence and trasferred the call. I then got through to James. He was equally rude and said there was issues with the telephone line. He proceeded to tell me my account should work fine, I ask about the emails I've been getting he said it's all part of the same thing. He took long pauses before answering me and with such attitude, he also appear to just pretend he couldn't hear what I was saying and kept repeating that's the emails were all a part of the same thing. I still dont know part of what thing he was talking about. I asked why my account was locked and didn't say anything. I don't feel confident about finishing my studies with them but I'm nearly finish with my course. I will find out where I can take this complaint official because that was disgusting customer service behaviour. They are clearly understaffed and can't deal with the high level of calls.

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Child Psychology
by Zul-E-Nooreen - March 2016

Studying with Stonebridge College has been one of my best experience. I believe that this college has given me a great opportunity to further my career as well as boost my confidence in my chosen field. It has been a tough and challenging experience mainly because of my health and personal circumstances but the support I received from my tutors and the cooperation shown towards me by the college has helped me to complete my course in flying colours. I feel it is an excellent learning platform for working adults who want to pursue their lifelong learning journey. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable, easily manageable and with relevant and interesting content. I learnt so much in a fun and enjoyable way, yet it was still challenging. The course material was thorough, yet easy to follow and understand. My experience with my tutor was perfect. I learned the most from the feedback she gave me, she pointed out where I was making mistakes so I could learn from them. Now I feel it's definitely worth signing up for this course, even if just as a hobby! Now I feel proud and grateful to have finally done it! Overall, I am completely satisfied with the service and the explanation in dealing with all my queries. I am very happy and satisfied and after regaining my health. I would like to recommend all working adults who are busy with their daily life to use this platform in pursuing their career. I recommend this Stonebridge College to everyone. This is the best place I have come across with and decided to finish my course that I could not have finished with other colleges or university as there is no pressure with studying on-line. You don't need to be in class, you can study on your own in your time till you finish. I would recommend anyone to join. Zul-E-Nooreen Malik- Diploma in Child Psychology March 2016

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Excellent value
by Judith - September 2015

Challenging and rewarding with highly motivational tutor feedback. Lots of opportunity to extend the reading material and therefore extend knowledge beyond the course. This is my second study with Stonebridge and feel completely satisfied with the experience.

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Shocking Service
by Stephan - July 2015

I have studied a few times with Stonebridge and their courses are worth the value. I enrolled on a Customer Service course but did not complete the module costing around £45. After contacting them to see if I could still compete the course before moving onto three others I had in mind, I received no direct response. 5 minutes later I received an automated response with details of a £40 reactivation fee. The cost is irrelevant. I could pay it 10 times but the rudeness of no other response is well below average. I sent another email and no response. Unacceptable service from a college who touts for business by sending three emails a week. I will not be studying with Stonebridge again.

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Important information missed out
Level 4 Foot Health Practitioner Advanced Course
by Jane - April 2015

The problem with this course is that you don't get told the set-up costs before you start the course. Nowhere on the website are you told just how expensive it is to buy all the necessary equipment. They also don't tell you that the competition is very strong and it is very difficult to get started in business and you may never get your investment back.

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Life Skills Coaching Level 4
by pieceatoast - November 2013

Fantastic service from Stonebridge. Great easy-to-use Learning Materials. Prompt tutor feedback. Study at own pace. Value for money.

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Very enjoyable experience
Macrobiotics Diploma
by Nadia - October 2013

Very well structured course. Easy to follow through elearnuk. Very quick and thorough feedback from tutor. A no pressure, fun, learning experience.

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