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I really enjoyed this course, here is my experience of it

I had always thought of my self as a creative person but had not looked into gra...more

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I really enjoyed this course, here is my experience of it
by Nicki - January 2017

I had always thought of my self as a creative person but had not looked into graphic design as a career before now. I was looking for a short course to see what graphic design is all about and this was perfect. I was an absolute beginner to graphic design at the start of the course and by the end I had produced a small portfolio of work of which I was happy with. Our tutor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and made the lessons fun and interesting. At the start of the course we were given a brief with tasks to complete over the 10 weeks. Each lesson we learnt things that we would need to know to help complete the brief. We learnt about layouts, typeface, colour and more. We also learnt some basic techniques in the 3 adobe programs by watching then doing, accompanied by hand outs to take home. This included techniques to create logos, posters and booklets and edit photos. As recommended on the description of this course and by the tutor on the first day you really do need to do work at home to make the most of the lessons. Our tutor also told us some recommend reading after most classes of which I found very helpful. The work I did at home included reading, youtube and adobe tutorials, sketching and hours and hours of playing around with the different programs. It can be a little slow and frustrating learning the programs in the group lesson but the pace was mostly good and the lessons along with handouts were a great starting point for work I continued at home. The more work you can put in yourself the more you will gain from this course, I really enjoyed it myself and would recommend it to others in a similar position.

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A Great way to learn Adobe!
by Alex - December 2016

The course is full of activities, perfect for begginers. For sure, the course gives a basic information, but, the teacher gives a lot of tips, supporting literature, website and ways to learn and explore the software. I wich the course could be extended, once, I really enjoy every single class. Stephen has a great knowledge and always is read to asnwer questions. Deffo, i reccomend it.

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'a bit life changing'
The Colour Course
by jez - December 2016

After the first week of the course, I returned to my studio, painted the floor and set up a clean and white space, so that I could really start to look at colour properly. Our tutor was clear and precise, and the short 4 week length of the course suited me well.

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Outstanding course
by Les - December 2016

Although a small group, the lecturer, Fiona Conn, had enthusiasm, confidence and unbounded ability. She taught a group of people with widely varying talents and abilities and expectations and by the end we were all more than able to create the WordPress blog or website that we had dreamed of. Outstanding teaching, she never once faltered or hesitated, and created a group of enthusiastic people happy to help each other and learn from each other. Cannot rate her or the course highly enough.

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Web Design and Blogging with for beginners with Fion
by Clarise - December 2016

This course helped me to understand the concept of setting up a blogging website for my business. I really feel comfortable studying at Morley College because every one I came in contact with were so helpful throughout my 11 weeks session. Thank you Morley I will be coming back soon :)

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You're better off learning Digital Graphic Design at home, from YouTube videos
Digital Graphic Design: Essential Skills
by Phonepay - December 2016

Such a large amount of information delivered to complete beginners that each lessons felt like a taster, rather than a lesson as part of a course. Lessons were rushed, hardly to ask questions so little information was absorbed during the class. At the end of the day I still had to google how-to tutorial - what is the point of paying £350 for a course if I still have to google tutorials by myself? Certainly not a course for beginners as advertised. Tutor is only focused on feeding you his huge amount of information (not suitable for beginners anyway) and be done with it by the end of each class, not on making sure everyone understand what we're doing and where they are. A fast-food approach to teaching.

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Finish the course with work to be proud of
City & Guilds Photography Level 3
by Caz - September 2016

I have just completed my second year at Morley College, having taken both level 2 and level 3 City & Guilds photography courses. They are year-long courses, with weekly three-hour classes. The lessons were varied; in one we would learn about and practice a particular photographic technique or genre, or process digital files in Lightroom, and in the next we would share our own images in order to give and receive some invaluable feedback. The tutor is a photographer and experienced teacher, with a thorough understanding of the C&G assessment criteria, so is able to guide students towards producing their best possible work. He is happy to answer questions and is open to feedback from students – particularly in level 3 – about the kind of topics they would like to cover in class. The focus, particularly in terms 2 and 3, was very much on our own projects because this is how C&G assesses the level of each student’s work. There were some guidelines about the themes that we could choose for our projects, but they were fairly broad and I didn’t feel limited by them. In fact, in both years I was amazed at the diversity of the work that we produced and its standard, and I certainly learnt a great deal from my peers. Some of us have remained in contact and are planning monthly meetings, with visits to exhibitions, photo shoots and trips to the pub on the cards! I think it important to say that these courses demand more of the students, in terms of the work needed outside of class, than some others because, for each assessed project, there is both photography and written work to complete. It is a commitment, but one that, looking back, I certainly don’t regret. There is plenty of support available throughout, both from the tutor and from the other students, as well as the opportunity to exhibit images within college, and to finish the course with well executed and well presented project work to be proud of.

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Excellent City and Guilds Photography courses
by Ed - September 2016

I did the City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 courses overs two years and found them excellent. The tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive and the facilities were very good. I chose from a range of possible project themes which were assessed at the end of terms 2 and 3 following a general first term. As well as developing photographic skills for a range of purposes, skills in presenting photos were also learnt. Would recommend highly.

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Outstanding Course provided by a wonderful team
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Professional Body Massage Therapy
by Guillermo - September 2016

I decided to look into doing this course to further my professional qualifications. Being visually and hearing impaired it always poses some challenges particularly when entering a new environment. When I went to meet the Health Dept team at Morley I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of the assistance they provided. They are a credit to the college. The course was well structured, well supported and well delivered and the environment was excellent. I was happy and thankful to the team that not only did I pass the exam but came away with a distinction. Highly recommended.

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Well-equiped workshop and so much to learn
Metal Sculpture: Beginners/Intermediate
by Amanda - August 2016

I learned a lot on this course about working with metal. The workshop has lots of equipment to weld, braze, bend, cut, and otherwise fabricate things in metal. I liked that everyone is free to work on anything they want, getting training as desired along the way. You can choose to try a bit of everything or focus on specific techniques you want to master. If you are a total beginner the teacher will give you assignments and advice to meet your goals, should you prefer to be given projects, but you are also free to bring in your own ideas to work on, asking advice from the experienced teachers/technicians. There was a good atmosphere amongst the other students; I felt very comfortable chatting with them about their work and getting feedback from them about my ideas. There were other beginners as well as very experienced students. You are also free to incorporate non-metal elements into your sculpture if you desire.

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